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Oriflame provides medical equipment to fight COVID-19

Oriflame Skin Research Institute in Stockholm is proud to lend out one of our qPCR instruments to Swedish Sci Life Lab (Science for Life Laboratory, a collaboration between Karolinska Institute and KTH in Stockholm) to increase the volumes of testing and diagnosis of COVID-19 and study this dangerous disease.

A team led by professor Lars Engstrand will conduct testings for the virus in a new facility in Solna, and Oriflame is one of the companies supporting this team of researchers with valuable lab equipment.

A qPCR machine is a tool that can detect very low levels of DNA strains in a sample. It’s more commonly used to analyse gene expression in skin cells. However, this instrument can detect any kind of DNA - be it from viruses, animals, humans, etc., and this is where it’s value for medical professionals comes from in the current situation.

The qPCR Oriflame lent to the Sci Life Lab can analyse 100 samples per hour, which is quite a significant contribution.

Oriflame lent the machine to Sci Life Lab for 3 months, but we are willing to prolong this period as much as needed, if the researches require more time with it. We are happy to help those, who fight COVID-19 coronavirus on the front lines and are proud that our equipment can make such a significant impact.