Sheer; stripped down design – key to sensual, feminine looks

Icy crystals and delicate rose quartz

Galaxy Quartz Necklace
Adorable silvered chain necklace, featuring a pendant of rose-gold toned swirls lined with twinkling glass crystals and a bead of sweet rose quartz, capped by a sparkling, ten-pointed star.

Galaxy Quartz Earrings
A stripped-down, delicate design is often key to pieces that will be loved for years to come. These tender loop earrings plated in rose gold, with a single bead of natural rose quartz set on a glistening, ten-pointed star is a perfect example.

 Galaxy Quartz Ring
Celebrate the magic of crispy night skies with a moon and star embellished rose-gold ring, dotted by twinkling glass crystals and a luminous bead of natural rose quartz.

Simple and striking – perfect for everyday elegance
Simple and striking – perfect for everyday elegance

Rose-shimmering drops of moonlight

Rose Pearl Necklace
Invoke the sensual serenity of moonlight with a shimmering champagne-coloured glass pearl, cradled in a rose-gold drop design and at rest just below your collarbone.

Rose Pearl Earrings
Like a drop of moonlight, these shimmering, champagne-coloured glass pearls on rose-gold hook earrings add a sensual glow to your look.

Rose Pearl Ring
Sometimes, the simplicity of a design is what makes it striking. In this ring, a single, lustrous champagne pearl is the sensual centrepiece, set in a minimalistic rose-gold design.