Her Journey to the Top

If seven years ago, you’d told Diana Sachirciuc that she’d hold the highest Oriflame title in Moldova, have taken over 60 flights to 20 different countries, and be married and a mother of two, she wouldn’t have believed you. At 28 she’s on a role - get ready to feel inspired!

You joined Oriflame at 22, what inspired you to start your own beauty business?
The opportunity to build a business has always inspired me. I wanted to reach my full potential and dreamt of having something that depended solely on me; it’s a very precious feeling that I wasn’t able to find working for someone else.

Have you always loved beauty products?
Yes, I’ve always loved makeup and looking my best. Oriflame helped me make another one of my dreams come true: buying as much makeup as I want!

At 28, and in just six years, you’ve reached the highest title in Moldova! What’s your secret to success?
Yes it’s true! I was only 27-years-old when I became a Senior Diamond Director. In my opinion, the secret to success is having a positive attitude, the right priorities, and an acute sense of responsibility; I know that my success depends on me, and me only – it’s important to remember that.

Since joining Oriflame, you’ve travelled all over the world; where’s been you favourite destination?
In the short time that I’ve been with Oriflame, I’ve visited almost 20 countries! The most memorable was my first trip to Thailand in 2013 – it had a major impact on my life.

“I have the freedom to prioritise my time and organise my work however I want to”

Had you travelled much before joining Oriflame?
Prior to joining Oriflame I’d never travelled much, and I’d never taken an aeroplane before; now, in just four years, I’ve taken almost 62 flights! I’ve been to the Gold, Manager and Diamond Conferences, and been invited to speak at other events too.

Wow, you travel a lot now!
Not so long ago, when I made a collage of my hopes and dreams, I wrote down that I wanted to travel four times in one year - over the least year, I’ve taken six trips with Oriflame. This kind of travel is much more than a holiday or a work trip, it’s a new way of life; a life that’s very inspiring, and one that I’m willing to work hard for!

What’s the best thing about attending an Oriflame conference?
I can’t choose a favourite! Travelling with Oriflame is a whole new level of travel: I remember eating at the Emirates Palace, a luxury hotel in Abu Dhabi surrounded by my best friends – it was an incredible experience that on my own, I could never have afforded.

Where would be your dream destination?
My dream destination is Rio de Janeiro. When I first started with Oriflame the Diamond Conference was held in Rio – that’s probably what motivated me to reach the Diamond Director title! I dream of going there, and to Tokyo and to Antarctica – but there are so many other places that I’d love to visit too!

Do you use the internet to sell and recruit into your network? If so, how?
I don’t use the internet to recruit, but I use it for many other things. My generation doesn’t think online or offline – to us, it’s just communication. I use the internet for business, to maintain relationships, and to promote the lifestyle that Oriflame offers – it would be far harder without it!

You have a son and now a daughter – how do you juggle running your business and being a mother?
In the time I’ve been with Oriflame, I’ve gotten married, given birth to my first son, and just three weeks ago, a daughter. I’ve always been inspired by successful, powerful women who also spend a lot of time raising their families – in this sense, Oriflame has helped me make my dream come true: I have the freedom to prioritise my time and organise my work however I want to. So how do I juggle it all? As harmoniously as I can.

Words by: Photographs by: Fabio Lorenzo Yusana