Turn the Heat Up with Perfume this Valentine’s Day – Here’s 6 Date Ideas

Chocolate, flowers, lingerie, and soulful music – we all know the romantic date drill. But let’s be honest, it’s 2023 and we are in dire need of something extra to, literally, spice things up. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so why not kick start with a bang? Here’s six new ways of incorporating perfume into your date night, whether you’re looking to ignite your relationship, or to seduce someone new with a thrilling scent.

Wear the perfect perfume
There’s nothing more seductive than spraying on a captivating, warm night perfume. The new So Fever Ecstatic is addictive with its fiery notes of olibanum for Her and incense for Him. With perfume ingredients of burning amber, hot spices and vibrant woods, your man will become even more irresistible. So Fever Ecstatic for Her is woody, orange and ambery, a scent sizzling with excitement all throughout the night.

Gift a scent with a seductive game
The perfect gift for valentines, is not only wearing the sexiest perfume to turn the heat up but gifting your date the best perfume of the season. Picking the right scent for your man is tricky, but not impossible. Wear the perfume and have your partner guess the right notes, turn it into a seductive game that is fun and enticing.

See less to scent more
It sounds like something obvious, but cozy lighting is everything for getting into the right mood. The less you see, the more you must use your other senses: like smell! Small and scattered sources of lighting and candles create a cozy vibe. Remember that warm yellow light bulbs beat cold and sharp ones. It’s all about creating an environment where you and your partner feel at ease.

Prep with a massage to make the scent stay
The So Fever Ecstatic for Him and Her come alive when your body temperature rises. Massaging each other is the perfect way to get there. Did you also know that perfume sticks better and smells more if your skin is prepped with moisture? A massage oil is the ultimate base for an intense perfume. The fiery power of the irresistible and daring notes will last all night long.

Steam it up for a perfume sensation
After softening up the body with a great massage, jumping into the sauna is a steamy solution for ultimate relaxation. Mix incense with water and throw over the hot stones, to create a gorgeous steaming sensation. Infrared sauna or a steam room works just as well. Have a shower and then re-apply the fiery addictive So Fever Ecstatic.

Freshly scented sheets seal the deal
Finish off the date evening with a good night’s sleep in newly washed sheets sprayed with the perfect perfume. Get creative with where and how you use perfume, if not on your body, fragrance can put a thrilling sensational spin to your clothing or your sheets.

There you have it! Hopefully these 6 tricks will turn your date into a seductively scented nightly experience you have only yet dreamed of. Don’t forget to give your date full focus and lock your phones away. No distractions make it easier to enjoy deeper, more giving, and great scented, conversations.

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