WANDERLUST SCENT: Visit Sweden’s Beautiful Nature

Just like the sweet smell of candy can take you on a nostalgic trip reliving childhood memories, perfumes can take you on a sensory journey of discovery without leaving your house. So while you might not be able to travel to idyllic lakes, lush forests or sandy beaches right now, our new .SE scents will transport you to these lush Swedish natural places in no time.

Plunge into evening swims in the misty lake by moonlight
Close your eyes and spritz the unexpected scent of Wild Rosemary to be transported to a fresh, moonlight dip in the sea. Evocative of a cool, misty Swedish lake and crisp water on skin, Wild Rosemary is a flowering shrub that grows in the wetland areas of Sweden – and just one spritz of the watery and mineral scent will have you diving into the Swedish water with friends.

You know that exhilarated feeling you get when you hit the cold water or the wind gushes wildly through your hair? This scent – discovered in Stigsbo and the key note in .SE Wild Hearts Eau de Parfum – will release the same sense of newfound freedom.

Trek through the forest and bask in the warmth of blazing bonfires
Escape your city apartment with the intensely smokey scent of Incandescent Birch Wood, as you’re enveloped in a feeling of collective warmth and your heart surges with optimism and joy.

Birch trees surround you as you walk through a vast Swedish forest – and this deeply warm, woody aroma will have you dreaming of getting lost in the forest and sitting around a blazing bonfire singing Swedish folk songs instantly. Prepare to feel a calmness wash over you, as you feel one with nature and the elements. They say a forest walk can have a healing effect on the mind, and this scent – the key ingredient in .SE Blazing Warmth Eau de Parfum – evokes a mindful experience at first smell.


Discover magic hour and pick beautiful Swedish wildflowers
The long, endless summer days are loved by Swedes for a reason. The aptly named magic hour illuminates the sky and your soul, as the warmth of the golden light merges with cool, blue hues and midnight approaches. Whisk yourself away to experience this magic yourself in an incredible Swedish garden in Hammarby, near Uppsala, with the .SE scents. As you pick a wildflower posy, expect the powerful liquorish scent of the Sweet Cicely wildflowers to hit you first and catapult straight to your heart, while the fresh explosion of lemony Golden Button Flowers fizzes with positivity.


So, are you ready to go on a Swedish holiday experience? Spritz the sensorial .SE Eau de Parfums and be transported to Sweden’s breathtaking nature in no time.