Why You Should Care About Exfoliating

You know how a compliment can lift your spirit and make your day? It’s the same for your skin! It needs to be complimented on a regular basis to look and feel its best. And there’s nothing like a good exfoliation to bring back your glow and confidence. So, if you haven’t before it’s about time you start caring about exfoliating and boosting your skin care routine with a peeling product.

Millions of old skin cells are produced by your skin every day. Old skin cells travel to the skin surface and make the skin appear dry and dull before they fall off naturally. However, if not removed they tend to clog pores. So, this is where it’s time for your exfoliator to really come to the rescue – to remove dead cells and reveal the fresh skin cells underneath. This also enhances the skin’s ability to absorb the following products in your routine. It’s a win win situation!

Yes, you just need to pick the right exfoliator! There’s a misunderstanding that you shouldn’t exfoliate dry skin, for example, but it’s actually the opposite. Lack of moisture in the skin creates cracks in the protective skin barrier and, by removing dead skin cells, your moisturisers are better able to penetrate deeper into the skin. By exfoliating you also clear the path for new cells to travel to the skin surface and help retain the level of hydration. On the flip side, if you have oily skin, it means that your skin produces even more dead skin cells than normal/combination skin, so exfoliating is equally essential for you. Just make sure not to choose an exfoliator with particles that are too coarse, as this could irritate your skin.

As your skin ages, the renewal process of cells slows down and the dead skin cells stay on your skin even longer, making it look dull. So, even in your 50s, adding an exfoliator to your skin care routine can be super effective in stimulating cell renewal.

Did you know that since 2014 Oriflame has used only natural origin exfoliating particles in new product developments? Pick a favourite scrub and reveal that radiant skin we’re all striving for!

Words by: Photographs by: Adobe Stock