Why night cream is important

You’ve probably been told that adding a night cream to your skincare routine is a must – but why? We’ve asked the expert David Jameson, Product Scientific Communication Manager at Oriflame, to share all there is to know about the overnight moisturizer. 

A skincare product that does magic things while you catch up on your beauty sleep – it might sound like a dream, but it’s not. A  specifically engineered for the nighttime delivers many benefits to your skin.

Why you should invest in a night cream
We are spending a lot of time exposed to elements such as sun and pollution, which will make our skin feel dry and irritated. However, add a good night cream to your nighttime beauty routine, and that might solve the problem. Because the truth is that each product serves a unique purpose and contain different ingredients that work best during certain times of the day. So, it’s time to stop using the day cream at night!

”Night creams are designed to provide greater nourishment for your skin, and to restore and replenish while you sleep. Night creams are also designed to address different concerns such as wrinkles, lifting and radiance”, David Jameson says.


Night cream vs day cream
”Night creams will normally be formulated with a greater amount of nourishing ingredients such as shea butter, seed oils and so on. Whereas day creams may have UV filters and anti-pollution actives that are not relevant to apply at nighttime. A night cream thus addresses different concerns and delivers different benefits compared to a day cream.”

Applying an overnight moisturizer the right way
”You should apply a night cream after cleansing your skin, and after you’ve used eye cream and serum.”

Use a pea-sized amount of your night cream, apply to cheeks, chin, and forehead. Massage evenly, until the cream is fully absorbed. Do this all over your face, avoiding the eye area.

A great night cream will help lock in all the good stuff from your evening skincare routine. However, it’s important to start early because it will allow your skin to absorb the moisturizer properly – and not smudge it all over your pillow.


How to pick the best night cream for your skin
”Typically, our night creams are designed to be suitable for all skin types, so we would instead recommend that you select your night cream based on the skin concerns you wish to address. For example, wrinkles, lifting and radiance. This may be claimed to be delivered by specific night creams alongside the more standard benefits like nourishment and replenishment.”

7 overnight moisturizers you need to have
1. If you need some extra lift, the Ultimate Lift Contour Define Night Cream could be a great option for you. This moisturizer boosts collagen and elastin production, which gives you more defined facial contours.
2. The Urban Guard 3D Night Cream is ideal for people enjoying city life. It’s designed to help purify and rebalance pollution-stressed skin.
3. Want something lighter? Go for the Hydra Radiance Night Cream Light. With a gel texture, this mattifying moisturizer restores softness and improves the skin barrier.
4. Do you have an uneven skin tone, dark spots and discolorations? Get your hands on the Brilliance Infinite Luminosity Night Cream.
5. Sensitive skin? Check out the Skinrelief Pro Resilient Night Cream, specially engineered for sensitive skin with an Ultra Calm Technology.
6. Treat yourself to the Royal Velvet Repairing Night Cream – a firming, hydrating moisturizer that strengthens skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.
7. The Hydra Radiance Night Cream is ideal for people with dry skin. Formulated to intensely hydrate and help strengthen the skin barrier overnight.