Our Brand Partners Are Here For You! Here Are Their Tips On Coping With Anxiety

To prepare for the end of lockdown - or if that’s still the case in your part of the globe, to offer some support - we spoke to six of our brand partners around the globe about the tools they’ve used to cope with stress and anxiety – and how they’ve managed to stay sane throughout a very insane year.

After a year of tragedy, isolation and anxiety that upended our daily routines and challenged our mental health, finally relief is looming as more and more countries are distributing the COVID-19 vaccine. It will be a slow but welcome journey for those who are ready to return to “normal” – but getting back to life as we knew it can also trigger some unexpected anxiety.

Here we speak to Oriflame brand partners about how they’ve navigated their own stress and anxiety during a year that turned both their businesses and personal lives upside down – and how they came out on top. Here are their tips for how you can, too.

1. Incorporate Meditation Into Your Routine
Sarah Cheeseman, UK

I have found during covid things have been much more uncertain in various aspects of my life. A friend of mine recommended to me to try meditation which I started to embrace & found I really enjoyed it & it helped ease my anxiety. I now regularly practise this every morning as I have found it really helps calm my mind & puts me in the right mindset for the day ahead. I have found simply taking some time out for myself to do this has really helps my stress levels as sometimes we are so busy rushing around trying to do everything that actually if we stop & take 5 minutes out it helps realign you & puts you back in the right frame of mind ready to take on what you need to get done!

Lockdown Silver Lining?: Trying A New Yoga Practice
As well as meditation I have found it a bit more tricky to sleep so I have also been trying out yoga nidra which is great at helping me relax, unwind & let go of any of the stresses that have come from that day. As a family we have taken to going for walks at the weekend which has been really nice as it’s helped us all connect as a family more & we chat away about the week & what we have all been doing without the stresses of the outside world.

2. Take Time Out To Recharge Your Batteries
Clare Kinsella, UK

I’m very good at coping with stress however I am human and every now and then it can all pile up on you. For me the stress and pressure of being a mum, wife, team leader can be at times hard to juggle even more since lockdown when we’re all at home getting under each other’s feet. Self care is so very important, taking the time out to wind-down is the key for me. A nice hot bath with a face mask and some music is just the trick. I little time out for you recharge your batteries does the trick for me.

Lockdown Silver Lining?: Establishing A Productive Morning Routine
I’ve not got any new hobbies but I’ve got much more organised with my time. I plan my days and weeks ahead and stick to it - I believe if you win the morning you win the day. A great morning routine sets me up for a great day. So being organised and having my morning routine has been the biggest change to me this year. Being self-employed is not always easy if you let yourself off too much, so disciplining myself with my routine keeps me on track.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Seek Outside Help
Adriana Serrano, Mexico

For me, the hardest part was to suddenly be locked down at home. Talking to a specialist really helped me. Then I begin my day with gratitude, meditation and some attitude reading. Also exercise helps a lot.

Lockdown Silver Lining?: Discovering New Hobbies
I think that the most challenging routine that I adopted was being more active on social media (IG), and I discovered that I enjoy baking.

4. Stay Connected – Digitally!
Priyanka Samaddar, India

The four cornerstones of WELLNESS is something which has been very beneficial to cope up with stress/anxiety. I have also worked a lot on self-development by involving myself in many new things to be learned which has given me a lot of positivity and helped me drive my business in a complete new way.

There was a drastic digital transformation due to covid situation which helped me discover a new version of myself. A complete new system of digital work was something I got adapted with along with my entire network. A new hobby of inviting, meeting and making new friends digitally was something we started enjoying.

Lockdown Silver Lining?: Working from home
Working from home has been a complete new experience and a blessing in disguise to grow digitally.

5. Dress Up Even At Home
Irina Tapeshko, Russia

Being busy with activities you like and being useful for people is the best solution to stay in harmony. Always have a skin care ritual and put on some make-up – no matter if you go outside or not. Dress up as if you’re going to the office in order to feel more elegant

Lockdown Silver Lining?: New formats of online meetings.

6. Surround Yourself With Positive People
Irina Voitekhovskaya, Russia

My ways to deal with stress are essential oils, spa treatments, Wellness products, reading, talking to positive people, sports.

Lockdown Silver Lining?: I began to cook healthy food more often and get more pleasure from communicating with loved ones.