Need an energy boost? These are the perfect pick-me-ups!

Going through a winter slump? You’re not alone! Energy dips during the darker months happens even to the best of us. But there’s no need to worry! We’ve gathered some great products that energize both the mind and body – all season long.


Energy boost for the skin
Is your skin showing signs like fine lines, enlarged pores, rough texture, loss of hydration and radiance? Then it might be calling out for an instant energy boost! Give your skin a revitalizing spritz directly on-the-go with Optimals Urban Guard 3D Mist. This face mist offers powerful nutrients, antioxidants, and a strong protection against pollution. So, mist away people!

If you want to go all out instead, we have the right collection for you. The NovAge Skinergise set is an energising skin care routine with five products specially designed to infuse the skin with a burst of energy! Formulated with Taurine Energising Technology and Açai Plant Stem Cell Extract that work together to recharge the cells on the inside, while protecting the outside. The result is radiant and plump skin filled with energy.


Energy boost for the body
To keep that energy level steady, make sure you take all the important vitamins and minerals that your body need. The Wellness Pack makes this super easy. In individually packed sachets you’ll find the following:
1x multivitamin tablet (Multivitamin & Mineral Man/Woman)
2x omega 3 capsules (Omega 3)
1x antioxidant capsule (Antioxidants & Bilberry Extract)

Together these tablets will give you all the vitamins and minerals you need to go through the dark winter months happy and energised.


Energy boost for the mind
Did you know that certain fragrances can boost energy, invigorate the mind, and promote concentration? It’s true! Lemon, jasmine, lavender, peppermint, and coffee are all examples of scents that can give a quick energy boost just by the smell of it. Love Nature’s Energising Fragrance Mist with mint and raspberry is a refreshing scent that will give you the boost you are craving.


Energy boost to end the cravings
Always going for a sweet snack to get your energy level up quickly? You need easy access to a nutritious, healthy, and tasty option that will keep your energy steady for longer – just like our Natural Balance Shakes. The shakes are high in protein and ready-to-mix in a smoothie, or directly with water. So, try to steer clear of the sweet options lurking around every corner, and go for the healthy and convenient alternative that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and boost your energy for much longer.