5 Reasons Why You Should Try a Lip Mask & Scrub

Even if you’ve got your skin care routine for smooth and nourished skin down to a science, it can be easy to neglect the precious skin on your lips, leaving them dry, flaky, or painful. Read on to find out how you can restore weather-ravaged lips, so they’re ready to smile again!

1. Exfoliate, it feels great!
Exfoliating the skin anywhere on your body helps to remove dead skin cells and encourages the development of fresh, new skin cells. This is true even of your lips! Scrubbing away the barrier of dead skin cells makes it easier for moisturising products to be absorbed by the skin. Win-win!

2. Smooth operator
If you’ve ever tried to apply a gorgeous new shade of lipstick to dry lips, then you know the feeling of having the lipstick go on sort of clumpy and flaky. Lipstick looks best on healthy exfoliated lips, as you’ll have a smoother, more even base for trying that daring new shade – for a knockout pout that turns heads.

3. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s worth it!
Remember how exfoliating your face quickly became an integral part of your routine? Lip exfoliation is just as simple and can become as second nature as brushing your teeth! You can even squeeze in a little lip scrub and mask session before brushing your teeth and heading to bed – it’s easy to make it part of your routine!

4. The benefits are specifically targeted to the delicate skin on your lips
You may be wondering why you really need an exfoliator specifically for your lips? Can’t you just use a normal face exfoliator? Certainly not! That’s because the skin on your lips is far more delicate than facial skin. Our Smoothing Lip Mask & Scrub Tropical Bliss is specially formulated with natural ingredients that effectively and gently exfoliate delicate lip skin.

5. It’s relaxing, treat yourself!
Apart from leaving you with an incredibly dewy, hydrated pout, applying our nurturing lip mask will delight your senses and transport you to exotic faraway places – from wherever you happen to be. It’s the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a relaxing moment while giving your lips some well-deserved love!

Ready to show your lips some love?