5 Ways to Put the Spring Back in Your Skin

Ah, spring, you beautiful thing! Time to pack away the winter gear, feel the warm sun on your face and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature blooming back to life. But, is you skin ready to make an appearance? Read on to discover how you can make sure it’s looking fresh as a daisy.

1. Exfoliate
Out with the old and in with the new! That’s what Spring is all about, and you can definitely approach your skin the same way. As you may have experienced, the rigours of winter weather can take their toll on your skin, causing it to dry out, flake and look generally ragged. But, by exfoliating a couple of days a week as you make the seasonal transition, those days are sure to be over!

2. Get hydrated
At this time of year, there’s a strong chance your skin is crying out for extra moisture, so it’s vital to make sure your skin care routine is on point. That means – in addition to your cleanser, eye cream and serum – you should be using a quality day cream to keep your skin hydrated and protected by day; and a night cream to help replenish it while you sleep. You can also help to keep skin hydrated from within by drinking water regularly through the day.

3. Stay protected 
To fight harmful UV rays, it’s recommended to use sun screen all year round – no matter the weather. But if you haven’t been that diligent lately, then now’s definitely the time to break it out of your beauty bag. The spring sun can be a shock to the system after months of limited exposure, so make sure you apply a high SPF sun screen every day before leaving the house. (It’s also a good idea to check that it hasn’t expired during the winter!)

4. Upgrade your diet
It’s easy to fall victim to classic dietary traps during those long weeks of winter hibernation, but spring is the time to turn it around. Don’t stress, you don’t have to start eating salads every day! Simply try and keep a balanced diet – and do your skin a favour by focusing on foods rich in antioxidants, like blueberries, avocados and dark, leafy greens. An excess of free radicals can wreak havoc in your skin and antioxidants are a great way to counter their negative effects and help your skin to look fresh and radiant.

5. Use a face mask
Everyone’s skin is unique, and its condition can vary dramatically from season to season. Where dryness once was an issue, you might find your skin suddenly becomes oilier as the weather warms up. Whatever the case, a great way to address these unexpected changes head-on is by applying a pampering face mask to target your specific need. Usually jam-packed with highly concentrated ingredients, they’re just the ticket to help your skin look its best.

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame