How to Get the Most our of Your Exercise Routine

Strong is the new slim. But to be harder, better, faster and stronger, our bodies need to be taken care of. They need the right tools, a balanced diet and adequate restorative time to really make the most out of a workout – here’s how.

There is something about slipping into a pair of new trainers that can immediately make you feel healthier. And that’s before you even break a sweat! But your workout gear can also have a direct impact on your health. Old, worn shoes are one of the most common causes of injury. If you’re a runner, consider your foot type (flat, neutral or high-arched) when buying trainers. And, pick clothing that is slim-fitted and designed to wick away sweat to avoid discomfort.

Exercisers have been the biggest adopters of the wearable technology trend. Today, there is a vast collection of apps available that monitor your activity levels and advise on diet. We love apps that map runs, tracking distance, speed and time!

Make the most out of your fitness routine by giving your body the fuel it needs. An hour before intense exercise drink 500ml of water to avoid dehydration. This is also a good time to “load” your body with slow burning carbohydrates, but If you’re low on energy just before your workout, eat a date or a handful of raisins - these fast-burning natural sugars will give you a quick energy-boost.

A balanced diet is a key-component to health and fitness, but supplements can give you the essential ingredients you may still be lacking. If you’re athletic you want to include Vitamin B in your diet to help your body break down carbohydrates, whilst Vitamin C will help you metabolise them and protect your immune system. Vitamin D will assist your body to absorb calcium, promoting healthier bones.

Your body needs to recover after intense exercise, so allow it adequate time to repair. Protect your muscles with an astaxanthin supplement[SM1] , which increases endurance and protects your cells. Or, if your muscles are aching, try brewing some fresh ginger in boiling water for relief, or try a spoon of turmeric, which is a natural anti-inflammatory.


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