How to Make Shaving Smooth Sailing

For millions of men around the world, shaving is like second nature. But have you ever stopped to wonder if you’re doing it right, or if there’s a better way to improve your technique and protect your skin in the process? Read on to find out more.

Shaving’s Damaging Effects on the Skin
First things first, it’s important to understand how the rigours of shaving can stress your skin out. Despite testosterone-rich male skin being tougher and more resilient when compared to female skin, the physical act of shaving is still a considerable source of stress. And to make the problem worse, many men choose to shave every single day! In the absence of a suitable lubricant to ease the process, shaving can wreak havoc on surface skin cells and aggravate the skin barrier. This can cause the skin to lose moisture which contributes to it looking dry and tired. Exactly what you want to avoid!

Cleanse First – No Excuses!
It may sound like a cliché, but when it comes to shaving, failing to prepare really is like preparing to fail. Cleansing first is an absolute must because it helps remove dead skin cells and smooth the skin prior to shaving. In the process you’ll also help to release trapped hairs. If you’re using a quality cleanser like NovAge Men Purifying & Exfoliating Cleanser you’ll also enjoy moisturising benefits that hydrate and soften the hairs which makes them easier to cut. At the same time, this makes the skin more pliable and increases its ability to recover from the stress of shaving.

Always Use a Sharp Razor
For some reason razor blades are still one of the most ludicrously overpriced commodities in the word of grooming and beauty. But that doesn’t mean you can keep shaving with the same blade until it starts to rust and disintegrate. Blunt blades are facial hair’s worst enemy as they tend to pull hairs out of the skin as opposed to trimming them. This can cause the skin to become irritated and even inflamed. So, make sure your blade is as sharp as possible and switch it out for a new one when you feel it start to lose its edge. Another top tip is to ensure the blade’s surface remains clean at all times by rinsing it with warm water throughout the shave.

Prioritise Post-Shave Are
So, you’ve cleansed… you’ve shaved… you’re done and dusted, right? Not quite! Taking care of your skin after you shave is just as crucial is looking after it before and during shaving. Moisturising with NovAge Men Soothing Aftershave Gel directly after shaving is the best way to get the job done as it helps to soothe and energise the skin, fights dryness and increases the recovery speed of the skin barrier. It’s also a great solution if you like sporting a little stubble or even a beard from time to time, as it helps to keep the hair soft and conditioned.

Now, all that’s left is to follow with the rest of your NovAge Men Skin Care Set and you’re ready to face the day knowing your skin is fresh, healthy and protected!