What Clean Beauty Means To Us

You might be hearing a lot about “clean beauty” lately, but what it really means varies depending on who you’re talking to. For us it’s all about creating performing, safe and responsible products!


At Oriflame, our Swedish balanced approach is the answer to “clean beauty” – where each and every product we develop is performing, safe and responsible. From how we design, to how we formulate and create our beauty products, our Swedish balanced approach is right at the core of our product development philosophy.

In fact, because we´re from Sweden, we believe in understanding and responding to your beauty needs, as well as their impact on our planet. This is evident in our choice and source of ingredients, how we formulate, produce and distribute our products, and even in the overall environmental impact of the final product.


We take a balanced approach when crafting our formulations, ensuring that each and every ingredient adds a benefit to the product and to you. We believe that the ingredients we don’t add to our formulas are as important as those we do. We always consider your health and safety, as well as the environmental impact and ethical concerns when selecting our ingredients. With our Swedish Balanced Approach, we are proud to offer products that are Performing, Safe, and Responsible:

Performing - to always perform and deliver what they promise

Safe - whilst working in harmony with your body, skin and mind

Responsible – and respecting our planet and overall society

Trends in beauty come and go, but our Swedish Balanced Approach is here to stay. Beauty that is performing, safe and responsible is not a trend. For us, it’s simply how we make our products.