Prepare Your Skin For The Cold Season

Autumn comes with perks like cute knitted sweaters and nights in with hot tea and Netflix, but it has some major drawbacks for your skin! Cold weather can cause flare-ups and make your once smooth skin red, itchy and dry. Give your skin the extra love it needs and help it stay in tip top condition with these simple tips!

Prepare your skin for cold air, harsh winds and dry indoor air by switching from a lightweight lotion or face cream to a thick, nourishing cold cream that restores and protects your skin. Look for creams containing rich oils, shea butter, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E to prevent flakes and keep the moisture locked in!

Lower temperatures make us long for hot showers and long relaxing baths, but did you know that they can really dry our skin out? The heat from hot showers draws moisture out of the skin and can leave you dry and flaky like a Danish pastry. To avoid this, take shorter showers with warm water instead of hot, and make baths a weekend luxury that you follow up with a nourishing cream from head to toe.

Cold air can really do a number on your hands. With chilly weather and constant hand-washing to avoid pesky winter viruses the skin on your hands can quickly become dry, cracked and painful. Get your gloves out as soon as the temperature starts dropping and make sure to wear them all the way through to spring.

It’s not only the cold air outdoors that can irritate and dry your skin out, hot indoor air can also contribute to dryness and exacerbate skin conditions like eczema and rosacea. Avoid turning the heat up too much and bundle up in warmer clothes instead! Consider investing in a humidifier that regulates the moisture in the air and keeps your skin nice and hydrated.

If your preventative measures haven’t been effective, try an anti-redness solution! An anti-redness solution instantly soothes your irritated skin and improves skin tone and complexion, while reducing redness over time. It also works to strengthen the skin barrier to prevent any more moisture loss.

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame, Adobe Stock