Quiz: Which Health Personality Are You?

We’re all looking for that elusive thing called balance, but since we’re all so different, things that work for your bestie may not work for you. Find out how to balance your lifestyle with tips that suit your health personality!

My diet consists of:
A: Who has time for food? I live off caffeine and the sweetness of winning.
B: Abs are made in the kitchen! I meal prep on Sundays to make sure I stay off carbs.
C: I adore a rich, creamy pasta dish and I never think about calories.
D: I’ve made the conscious decision to keep all animal products off my plate, to stop the murder of innocent sentient beings.
E: Mine consists of jello shots, midnight burgers and sobering coffees.

My exercise regime is made up of:
A: Running between meetings, it’s the only exercise I have time for.
B: Cardio and weights, 5 days a week. I feel amazing and I’ve never looked better!
C: Does walking to the bus stop count?
D: Two hours of yoga after meditation every morning.
E: Shaking it on the dancefloor every weekend!

When it comes to sleep:
A: I have a hard time winding down for bed, and usually sleep 4-5 hours.
B: I need sleep to build muscle, so I always get my 8 hours.
C: I love my new bed and fluffy duvet, and I sleep like a baby.
D: I go to bed early and get up at 5 in the morning to meditate, chant mantras, practice breathwork and call on spirit to infuse my day with light and blessings.
E: I can sleep when I’m dead!

My spiritual practice is:
A: 5-minute meditation in the bathroom at work because I’ve heard it keeps you sharp.
B: Spiritual? Nonsense! I’m the creator of my life.
C: Reading my horoscope. I’m a typical Taurus, so luxury and comfort are my jam.
D: I have a dedicated spiritual practice that helps me live a harmonious life.
E: God is for boring people.

My social life looks like:
A: A luxurious dinner with friends when I can fit it into my schedule.
B: I skip dinner parties to go to the gym, my health is just more important.
C: Truffle ravioli with pecorino and porcini mushrooms, paired with an oak-aged Chardonnay.
D: Strangers are just friends I haven’t met yet.
E: Who run the world? Me and my girls!

What work means to me:
A: My job is my life. I live for breaking glass ceilings!
B: Work is just something I have to do in between my gym sessions.
C: I work to live, I don’t live to work.
D: I don’t support consumerism or corporate greed, so I’ve found my purpose in helping others by hosting pay-what-you-can yoga classes.
E: To be honest, I just go to work to gossip with my colleagues and eat chocolate.


A: The Go-Getter
You’re a career woman with the sights set on the corner office (and no one doubts you’ll get it). You want to be the best and thrive on new challenges, but avoid slowing down to lest the lack of sleep, food and rest catches up with you. Balance this type: Squeeze some self-care into your tight schedule. Try running yourself a bath, turning off your phones for an hour (yes, both of them) or taking a walk in nature in between meetings. Pick up some healthy snacks so that you have something nutritious at hand when you’re burning the midnight oil.

B: The Fitness Fanatic
You have a strict exercise regime and count macros like a pro. You’re at the gym when you’re not working and you always get your 8 hours of beauty sleep. Seeing results is what fuels your fire, but the word ‘fun' is missing from your vocabulary. Balance this type: Ease up on the strict diet a bit. Small deviations from a healthy diet don’t matter much! So indulge in an occasional treat that feeds your soul and sends your taste-buds to seventh heaven! Don’t forget to incorporate social activities that are very important for wellbeing – perhaps opt for a two-in-one solution and go for a powerwalk with a friend?

C: The Bon Vivant
You enjoy life and indulge in rich foods, extravagant vacations and Sunday sleep-ins. You’re never stressed (unless you run out of butter!) and in your world, deadlines are symbolic and exercise feels like a punishment. Balance this type: Exercise would do you good, but focus on fun and playful activities that suit your personality type like tennis, dance or horseback riding if you like animals. Swap some of that cream and cheese for crispy salads and protein and fibre-rich snacks for more balanced nutrition.

D: The Spiritual Junkie
You start every day with a green smoothie, lemon water, meditation and #yogaeverydamnday. You’re a dedicated vegan who loves spirulina and prioritises health and spiritual wellbeing over everything. Balance this type: Crystals may help you balance your chakras, but you may need to look outside your spiritual quest to find your true nirvana. Take a salsa class, indulge in some decadent peanut butter chunk ice-cream and go on a date! Life is not meant to be taken so seriously.

E: The Social Butterfly
Mid-week margaritas, clubbing and Sunday brunch are essential components of your life. You prioritise having fun, but feels burnt out, broke and unfit. Balance this type: Since socialising is your oxygen, try calmer and healthier social activities like going to the spa or out for a run with friends - it could make all the difference to your wellbeing! Don’t forget to get enough shuteye and load up on antioxidants and healthy foods to counteract oxidative stress.

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