Self-care Essentials: 4 Uplifting Rituals to Elevate Your Skin Care Routine

COVID-19 has uprooted our day-to-days, our rituals, and our lifestyles. Here are some of our best beauty tips to help you recalibrate and show your skin more love.

At the start of Covid, self-care was a way to help us cope or even pass the time. But as days drew on, quarantining felt more like house arrest – and left us all daydreaming about an escape. Since then, practising self-care has become an essential part to nurturing our emotional health and wellbeing.

What does self-care look like?
Though the caring practices and rituals we do may vary, the concept of self-care remains the same – we actively aim to feel our best. For us, self-care is carving space out of your daily routine and filling it with an intentional moment of joy, to help nourish your health and enhance your inner wellbeing.
Before the age of isolation, a face mask might have been a rare treat, now it is a paramount step in our Sunday Self-Care ritual. In an inter-Covid world, skincare has become synonymous with self-care. What was once a standard routine is now a full-blown obsession.


Skin-treats: self-care beauty tips
We find our joy in skin care. And feel it’s as tantamount to your health and beauty as self-care is to your wellbeing and soul. From sensorial textures to uplifting rituals and every skin care step along the way, our end goal is for you to feel your most beautiful.

If you’re looking for another reason to fall in love with your skin, we’ll give you four. Here are a few of our favourite skin treats guaranteed to elevate your me-time. Pop them into your routine to show your skin some extra love.

1) Exfoliate yesterday away
Maskne, dull skin, ineffective skin care – it may all be connected. The game-changing step that can help to combat all three? Exfoliating! Don’t overlook this essential step, exfoliate twice weekly to help resurface your skin, unclog clogged pores, and promote cell renewal. Using a face exfoliator helps to smooth skin by gently sweeping away the build-up of dead cells on your skin’s surface. Plus, exfoliating makes skin more receptive to the products you apply afterwards, allowing the active ingredients to penetrate better and give you optimised results.

We love NovAge Skin Renewing Peel! Not only does this exfoliating solution give you a reason to slow down and take a moment to pamper your skin, with gold-standard ingredients like Alpha Hydroxy- (AHA) and Beta Hydroxy- (BHA) acids, you can expect to see an instant improvement in your skin’s texture. To use, apply the creamy texture, relax for 20 minutes, then rinse. And enjoy the benefits of brighter, rejuvenated, and luxuriously smooth skin.

2) From tech neck to turkey neck
Are you taking care of your neck? Whether it’s the strain from staring at your screens all day or gravity and time pulling at your skin – from chin to chest – give your neck what it needs. If salons near you are still closed due to lockdown, we have good news! You can achieve noticeable results from the comfort of your home, by adding this skin-loving step to your daily skin care routine. We recommend NovAge Neck & Décolleté Advanced Sculpting Serum. While this serum won’t get rid of muscle aches and pains, it is clinically proven to tighten and lift sagging skin in your neck and décolleté – and this may boost your happiness factor.


3) Your dose of nourishment
We believe that when you're feeling good you radiate beauty. Beauty capsules are the perfect way to supercharge your self-care. To boost your beauty and feel-good vibes, try NovAge Nutri6 Facial Oil Capsules. These concentrated facial oil supplements include a blend of 6 nutrient-rich oils. Each encapsulated pod is loaded with fatty acids, lipids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals – all collectively working to deeply nourish, protect dry skin and restore it to good health.

4) Sleep is sacred
Bed is arguably the best part of the day. Sleep is your body’s natural way to induce healing and recharge. Plus, it does wonders for your skin. But what if you can’t manage 8-hours of beauty sleep every night? Sleep masks to the rescue! Applying an overnight mask is one of our favourite ways to self-soothe. It’s a complete sensorial experience. When applied, the creamy texture cocoons your skin in a rich layer of nourishment while providing intense moisture. So, you wake up to more beautiful skin. For these reasons (and more!), we can’t get enough of our NovAge Intense Skin Recharge Overnight Mask. Friends with your circadian rhythm, this sleeping mask compliments your natural skin activity helping to restore moisture and a healthy skin barrier – all while you rest peacefully in dreamland!

Self-care is important
Your idea of how to do self-care may look different from ours, but it doesn’t make it any less important. If you’re looking for self-preservation that goes beyond skin care, check out these tips. And remember, however you practice your care, do it often and do it wholeheartedly!