Sheet Masks Unmasked: All Your Questions Answered!

Sheet masks may have taken the beauty industry by storm, but they can still seem like foreign territory when compared to traditional face care products. Read on as we pull back the curtain on these must-have beauty tools!

What are sheet masks all about?
Originating in the eclectic world of Korean beauty, sheet masks have grown to become one of the hottest trends all around the world – and you’ll want them in your life too! Yes, they can look a bit weird on your face, but that’s part of the fun! Beauty shouldn’t be so serious anyway, right? In reality, they’re a great way to boost your daily beauty routine – either to treat specific skin issues when they pop up, or to simply give yourself a pampering treat without spending loads of your precious time (and money!) at a spa or beauty salon.

Why use a sheet mask?
Face masks these days come in all shapes and sizes – gel, clay, peel-off… the list goes on and on. And now sheet masks have arrived at the party. But what makes them so special? They’re just so simple to use! No spatulas required, no more messy fingers, no over- or under-applying product – just fuss-free application in seconds and fantastic results! And, because they’re so convenient (not to mention lightweight and compact) they’re the perfect travel companion. There’s no excuse not to keep your skin gorgeous on the go, whether in a hotel after a long flight, or – if you’re daring enough – even during the flight!

How are sheet masks designed to work?
Compared to other mask types, like clay or cream, sheet masks are a clever and convenient way to carry tons of hydrating, skin-beautifying ingredients to your skin. To make it easy to apply, the paper sheet is pre-cut in a face shape and soaked in a liquid formulation. And because the paper fibres are ultra-absorbent, they help prevent the evaporation of moisture. That means your skin is exposed to more of the good stuff each time you wear one. 

When is the best time to use a sheet mask?
Any time! There literally are no rules. Lazy Sunday morning? What could be better! Exhausted after a long day at the office? Time to refresh! Masks are designed to be an integral part of your week (and your life) just like the rest of your skin care products. It’s all about how much time you’re willing to devote to your skin. Just remember that they should be applied to a cleansed, dry face to ensure your skin can soak up the formulation in the best way possible.

Is cleansing first an absolute must?
In a word: yes! Cleansing is essential if you want to get the best out of your pampering mask experience. The idea with sheet masks is to boost your skin with all the beautiful moisture and skin-beautifying super ingredients absorbed by the mask’s fibres. Any barrier between the mask and the skin’s surface may prevent this from happening, so make-up is an absolute no-no. Bare, cleansed, dry skin is the only way to give a sheet mask a go!

Ready to take the plunge?
Of course you are! And a great place to start is with a fantastic Love Nature sheet mask. On top of being super convenient and a great way to infuse your skin with specific super ingredient benefits, it’s all about the beauty and goodness of nature. Each time you wear one, a wonderfully sensorial journey begins, and for 15-20 minutes you’re transported to paradise! It’s the perfect excuse to let nature pamper your skin while you escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Go on, you’ve earned it!

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