The Top Stylist’s Best Hair Care Tips

Bye bye split ends and dry hair! Meet the inspiring Karl Eklund, Oriflame’s Global Hair Expert, as he reveals his most effective hair care tips.

What are the most common mistakes people make within hair care?
People tend to forget that wet hair is very sensitive; always avoid pulling the hair when combing. It’s also important to dry your hair carefully with the towel, squeeze instead of rubbing!

What is your best tip to avoid getting dry hair?
Always use conditioner of course, but also try to wash your hair with warm or even cold water instead of hot. Avoid a very hot blow-dryer and when using hot tools always use heat protection lotion.

Share your most effective hair care tips with us!

  • • Identify your hair needs and make sure to use products for your specific hair type.
  • • Brush your hair before you shower to avoid pulling it after washing. .
  • • Use a hair mask once a week when your hair really needs that extra boost.
  • • Use a few drops of hair serum on newly washed, dry hair and get your hair trimmed every six to eight weeks.


Words by: Photographs by: Getty Images