These Ingredients Take NovAge Skinergise to the Next Level!

Living life in the fast lane may be your thing, but all the late nights, social events and eating on-the-go can leave your skin looking fatigued with visible dark circles and lines. NovAge Skinergise has been created to combat just that, with a range of powerful ingredients that will get you looking fresh-faced and glowing in no-time!

Natural Origin Taurine
You may know Taurine as the powerful energising ingredient used in many energy drinks, but did you know it has powerful energising benefits for your skin as well? As an ingredient in NovAge Skinergise, Taurine helps to recharge the skin by providing the cells with energy, reducing visible lines and making you look less tired.

Açai plant stem cell extract
Açai is an antioxidant-powered berry that has been making our smoothie bowls healthy and insta-worthy for years. NovAge Skinergise contains Açai plant stem cell extract which is known to improve skin hydration and to protect the skin from an excess of skin-damaging free radicals caused by pollution.

The life-elixir that turns us into functioning humans in the morning can also improve undereye circulation, reduce visible dark circles and fine lines when part of an eye cream. Win! We’ve added caffeine to the NovAge Skinergise eye cream, because it is known to help the skin around your eyes look smooth and refreshed in the morning after pulling an all-nighter.

Pollution protect technology
You may not think about the effects of pollution on your skin when you’re out and about in the city, but particles from exhaust fumes, factories and cigarette smoke can dry your skin out and cause premature ageing. Now we don’t want that! Pollution Protect Technology included in NovAge Skinergise Day Cream has been selected to counteract these effects by forming a breathable film that helps keep the damaging particles out of contact with the skin.

This powerful caring ingredient in NovAge Skinergise Night Cream has multiple benefits like nourishing the skin, improving elasticity, visibly improving fine lines and helping to strengthen the skin barrier.

All of these ingredients are what make NovAge Skinergise different from a basic cleanser and moisturiser. They actively work to improve your skin, even when you’re sleeping! While a basic moisturiser provides your skin with hydration, NovAge Skinergise works to reduce all first signs of ageing and help to boost your skin with energy so that you can put your best face forward - whatever the occasion!

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