Which Booster Suits Your Skin?

What are Boosters and when do you use them? Read on to find out everything you need to know about the new Optimals Boosters!

The Optimals Boosters are little bottles of goodness designed to be added to boost our skin care routines. They target temporary skin concerns caused by our lifestyle - this could mean anything from when you get a dull complexion after a long dehydrating flight, to getting clogged skin when you’ve gone a bit overboard with the chocolate consumption (oops!). They also come in a nice dropper bottle that we love!

Whenever you feel that your skin needs a little boost and is more dull, oily or dry than usual.

Boosters are suitable for every skin type and are used for temporary skin concerns caused by lifestyle factors like sleepless nights, an unhealthy diet or cold weather. Serums are used as part of a skin care routine and for routine skin needs, as experienced by oily, normal or dry skin types. Serums help to enhance the effects of your day or night cream.

Mix a few drops of Booster with your regular moisturiser, then apply to the skin and voila!

Dull and lacking glow?

Then your skin would benefit from the Radiance Booster! The Radiance Booster contains blackcurrant, sweet cherry and niacinamide that help to hydrate the skin, promote cell turnover, prevent pigmentation and lighten the skin, which in turn makes your skin look gloriously radiant.

Clogged and oily?
Get your hands on the Purifying Booster! If you suddenly get clogged, oily skin it’s often related to stress or eating a diet full of processed food and too few vegetables. This booster contains gooseberry, sea buckthorn, pro-vitamin B5 and Pure Marine active which together help to renew and protect skin cells, moisturise, soothe and purify the skin.

Dry or tight?
Then the Nourishing Booster is your friend! If you’ve spent a day in the sun and your skin is dry, this is a good time to boost your night cream. The nourishing booster contains rosehip oil, canola oil, camelina oil and vitamin E that instantly replenish your skin.

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