Here´s why your mirror isn´t telling the whole truth

During your 20s and into your 30s, your skin can be super resilient. You look radiant and gorgeous and any visible imperfections or signs of fatigue can be quickly masked with make-up. Sound familiar? Before you answer, read on, because there´s a lot you don´t see when you look in the mirror!

Although you may have the mental and physical energy to handle the frantic pace of life, the domino effect of long stressful days, late nights, lifestyle choices like smoking and environmental factors like daily urban pollution can quickly catch up with your skin. Often without you even noticing.

Amazingly, though, you’re more in control of how your skin visibly ages than you think. Of course, your hands are tied when it comes to your genes, but comprehensive studies show that you can actually influence as much as 80% of your skin’s ageing. By taking simple measures such as avoiding prolonged sun exposure, eating healthily and caring for your skin, amongst other things, you can ensure that you will look younger for longer.

Paying attention to your skin from an early age is an important investment and determines how you will look in the years to come. Prevention today is key for beautiful, healthy-looking skin in the future, so adopting a solid skin care routine is the ultimate way to defend your youthful-looking beauty.

If you're not following a skin care routine now, it’s understandable that you may be concerned about taking the leap. But there’s nothing to fear and it’s more convenient than you can imagine! The NovAge Skinergise routine is divided into four easy steps that take only two minutes to complete – once in the morning and again before bed. So even if you’re in a rush or coming home late it’s easy to squeeze into your day. And before you know it, it’ll be a daily habit that you’ll do automatically without even thinking.

The NovAge Skinergise skin care set and the routine go hand in hand. For your convenience – and to get you started – we’ve specially put together all the NovAge products you need to sail through the four steps – cleanser, eye cream, serum and day and night creams.

And what makes the NovAge routine so effective is, it’s scientifically designed and all of the products work in harmony to deliver clinically-proven results. Each step paves the way perfectly for the next.

Hopefully you’re seeing the immense value in choosing and using the NovAge Skinergise skin care routine. (And if you’re already using it, then you’re guaranteed to be seeing great results already!)

But, remember, there’s a whole lot more you can do that your skin will thank you for. Start now to help reduce the knock-on effect of skin-ageing aggressors, lock in your skin’s healthy, youthful appearance and give it its best shot at a beautiful future.

• Quit smoking: smoking is linked to wrinkles and can give you a sallow, dull complexion.
Limit alcohol intake: alcohol can cause skin dehydration, which contributes to the formation of first signs of ageing.
Eat a balanced diet: along with the numerous health benefits for your body and mind, healthy eating can help keep your skin looking healthy.
Wear sunscreen:whether you’re lazing on the beach or about town, you can fight premature skin ageing by wearing sun screen on all areas not covered by clothes.
Get more sleep: a full night’s sleep gives your skin a proper chance to recover optimally, as cells perform vital regenerative functions that keeps skin looking healthy and flawless.
De-stress:stress triggers the release of excess cortisol, a hormone which has been known to break down collagen in the skin, which could contribute to the formation of wrinkles.
Get moving: regular exercise is a great way to de-stress and can help you sleep better, which in turn can have positive effects on your skin.
Stay hydrated: moisture is vital to help keep skin looking plump and youthful, so get into the habit of drinking water regularly throughout the day – and always carry a full water bottle with you.
Use a face mask: Apply a NovAge mask once or twice per week (depending of your skin needs) for an intense boost of hydration.
Keep up your NovAge Skinergise routine: 2 minutes, twice a day is all it takes to keep all first signs of ageing at bay, instantly and in the future!