5 Beauty Looks for Every Wedding Guest

5 Beauty Looks for Every Wedding Guest

Your wedding will be one of the most memorable days of your life. And you, dear bride, will undoubtedly be the centre of everyone’s attention. How do you make sure you look your best? It’s quite simple: Do YOU! Choose colour tones that you’re comfortable with – now is not the time to experiment with bold lipstick for the first time. If you’ve hired a makeup artist, create a mood board of images for them to reference, and when you do your trial, be sure to wear white – that way you’ll know if there’s enough pigment in your makeup to avoid looking washed-out. And steer clear of trend-makeup, like graphic eyes or strong contouring, you want a look that you’ll be proud of in years to come.

Doing your own makeup? Try our tutorial.

As the mother of the bride you’re often the busiest person at the wedding, so your makeup has to be resilient. You’ll want to look and feel like yourself, only better; after all you’ve been dreaming of this day for years. Avoid glossy or high-shine lipsticks that have a tendency to emphasis fine lines, and switch to a long-lasting lip product with a satin-finish. Shimmering, metallic products are also a no-go as they can sit in crow’s feet and creases. Instead look for matte, neutral tones and add a youthful glow with a blusher in a shade that compliments your skin tone.

On your best friends wedding day, she'll understandably be taking priority when it comes to getting ready. If you’re doing your own makeup, check with the bride to see what she had in mind – perhaps a specific colour scheme? Invest in a high-quality primer and foundation to create your base, then opt for neutral tones for an understated finish – and don’t forget your waterproof mascara! You’ll want to look your best, but remember it’s her special day.

The first thing to check is the dress code – you want to be dressed appropriately! Depending on what you’re wearing, why not have some fun with your makeup? Perhaps create a neutral base with a BB cream and leave eyes bare and add a punchy lipstick shade – we love this season’s bold reds. Or go the other way around: high-pigment eye makeup and neutral lips. After all, how often do you get to dress-up with all your friends?

As the plus one, you’re likely not to know many people at the wedding. As a consequence you may want to play it safe when it comes to your look. Read the invite carefully and abide by the dress code – perhaps your partner can give some insight into what others will be wearing? This is the perfect occasion to trial dewy skin and natural makeup – something simple. You’ll have plenty of other occasions to try that neon-eye look!

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