6 Ways You Applying Your Hair Products Wrong

6 Ways You’re Applying Your Hair Products Wrong!

Think you have your hair styling routine down to a T? Think again. From spray to serum, many of us are applying our products incorrectly. Here’s how to tweak your grooming habits, to get salon-worthy hair from home.

A lot of people apply hair spray too close to their hair, concentrating it in one spot. The result? Crunchy hair, which is never pretty! Try spritzing from at least 30cm away from your head, as this will create a light mist – no crunching here!


Styling mousse is the best remedy for lifeless hair, but poor application can leave you with a sticky mess. For curly hair, apply a small amount to your palms before working in to themid-lengths and ends of wet hair. You can also use a comb to evenly distribute your mousse from the roots to the ends of your hair – this is great for adding texture.


If your hair is looking a little lack-lustre, then serum is your hero product. A few drops of serum will create a thin protective layer and seal the cuticle for hair shine. However, don’t go application-crazy at your roots! Instead, apply more at the ends where damage is common.


Most people give hair a quick spray of heat protector and then reach for their straighteners. If you don’t want damaged hair, you need to apply heat protector to all of your hair, combing through every section. Avoid brittle hair, and give extra love to the hair closest to your face. 


Dry shampoo removes your scalps natural oils and adds texture; it’s the ultimate hair saviour. However, many women give unwashed hair a hasty spray before leaving the house – not the way to do it. Instead, massage into your roots as if you’re applying shampoo, and then comb out to get rid of any white residue.


A common misconception about leave-in conditioner is that you don’t need to condition your hair first. You do. Shampoo and condition your hair as normal and then after showering, divide hair into sections and use your fingers to rake through the product. 

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