9 Rules for Caring for Dyed Hair

Dying your hair can be expensive. But what if we told you that some simple changes to your beauty routine could protect and prolong your colour? Here are nine tips for keeping your dye-job intact.

1. Don’t over rinse your hair in the shower. Because dyed hair is more porous, it absorbs and releases water easier, causing the colour to fade. Minimise shower time with a leave-in conditioner.
2. Wash your hair with luke warm water rather than hot water; the hotter the water, the quicker the dye will fade.
3. Treat your hair with specialised shampoo and conditioning products that work to prevent dye being washed out. A weekly hair mask will boost moisture and conserve your hair colour.
4. If your current shade is very different from your natural colour, patch up the roots every three to four weeks. If it’s a similar colour, you can hold-off for four to six weeks.
5. D.I.Y dyers should always dye their roots first. Protect sensitive areas by applying colour to the mid-section and tips 10 minutes before rinsing.
6. Trim your ends every few months. The healthier your hair is, the longer it will hold onto colour.
7. Hydrate hair with a serum, paying special attention to your roots. A serum enriched with Argan or Burdock oil will nourish hair without leaving it greasy.
8. Avoid hot tools that will dry out your hair and pick away proteins leaving you with a rough texture. If you’re addicted to hair dryers and straighteners then make sure you use a heat protecting spray every time.
9. Stay out of the sun. UV light damages your hair as much as your skin, drying it out and causing your colour to fade: put on a hat if you’re spending the day outdoors.
Words by: Photographs by: Fotolia