Great Eye Makeup Whatever Your Eye Shape

You choose your clothes based on what flatters your figure, so why not do the same with your eye makeup? Whatever the shape or size of your eyes, there’s a makeup style to accentuate them – here, we show you how.


Monolid, or Asian eyes, tend to be small, with no crease and a spacious brow bone. To accentuate them, we recommend a statement cat-eye. 

Get the look by lining your upper lash line with a dark eye shadow, and draw straight across your lid. You want to extend the line to the end of your brow, slanting upwards to give the illusion of rounder eyes.



If you can see the whites of your eyes around your iris, then you have round eyes. Doe-eyed beauties will want to lengthen, rather than heighten, their eyes. 

Rim your upper lash line in eyeliner, finishing with a mini cat-eye at the outer corner. Tip - leave your lower lid bare for maximum effect.  


Detract from a heavy lid by softly, lining your lower lash line in a neutral colour – we love bronze and chocolate tones. But steer clear of your waterline, as this will shrink hooded eyes further. 

Instead, widen your eyes with an eyelash curler and lengthening mascara – they’re your beauty best friends!


Symmetrical, almond-shaped eyes are the most versatile of all. They tend to carry most makeup well – lucky you! To intensify this eye shape, try out a dark, smoky eye. 

Brighten your brow bone with a highlighter, and then work dark shades at the outer-most corner, angling your eye shadow upwards to add height and length. 


The best way to neutralise downturned eyes is with a high-impact cat-eye. Apply a mid-toned eye shadow at the crease and blend upwards to balance your eye shape. Then use a darker shade to create a cat-eye, curving upwards at the outer corner for extra lift. 

Tip – highlight your brow bone to draw attention to the upper section of your eyes.