A Perfume for Every Occasion

Not every fragrance is right for every occasion. In fact tailoring your perfume to suit a situation can have a positive impact on your mood and how others perceive you. Here’s what to wear to compliment every event in your diary.

First Date
We like to think of date-night fragrances, like a statement red lip – they should make an instant impression. Set the romantic mood with a floral scent, but steer clear of heady bouquets that can overpower. Instead, look for light, white lily-based aromas like Tenderly Promise, or heart notes of orange blossom as found in Giordani Gold Essenza. 

A Party
Perfume is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. But like you don’t want to wear the same dress to a party as someone else, you don’t want to wear the same perfume as everyone else either. The scent of the Datura flower, which is found at the heart of VIP Only promises to be as individual as you are. 

Business Meeting
For work, steer clear of very fruity or vanilla-based scents that can come across as playful. Instead, select a fragrance that is commanding and bold – oud or musk are ideal when you want to impress. We love: Giordani Gold Eau de Parfum. If you’re nervous about a big meeting, opt for stress-alleviating notes of lavender or jasmine.

Family Lunch
A day spent in the company of loved ones suits a feminine and bright fragrance. Feel energised by the cheery notes of a citrus and floral blend. Happydisiac and Solar are ideal

Waiting in airports or sitting in the car for hours can be tiring and leave you in need of a refresh. You’ll want a clean, delicate scent that you can slip into your handbag and apply with ease. For an instant pick-me-up we recommend Midsummer

School Drop-Off 
You want to smell comforting and homely, as if your eau de toilette is in fact your natural scent – like a freshly laundered t-shirt. My Naked Truth is a soothing scent with the soft, powdered aroma of the cotton flower at its heart.

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame