Back to Basics: Are You Applying Your Skin Care Products Properly?

So you’ve gotten your skin care products down: cleanser, toner, eye cream, serum and moisturiser, right? But have you perfected the application of them? The way in which you apply your products can be just as important as the products themselves. We show you how to get it right, every time.

Washing your face may seem easy, but are you doing it right? Rub your cleansing gel or wash over the flats of your hands and apply to damp skin. Start at the bridge of your nose and work outwards. Use your fingers to massage the product over your cheeks, forehead and chin in circular motions, as this will breakup makeup and wake up your lymphatic system. You’ll need to use your finger tips to get into the curves of your nose and up to your hairline – don’t forget to rinse this area well to avoid breakouts caused by leftover cleanser. Rinse with warm (not hot) water, or use a damp muslin cloth to remove any remaining makeup, oil and dirt. And don’t neglect your neck! Apply your cleansing product down to your collarbone to keep this area clean.

If you’re using a cleansing device, then start by moistening the brush head and applying cleanser to it. Turn your cleansing device onto your preferred setting and use circular motions to massage your skin, spending around 20 seconds on your forehead area, 10 seconds on each cheek and 20 seconds around your jawline. Use circular motions to push your cleanser deeper into your skin and to gently exfoliate your face. You can press slightly harder on your T-zone, but be sure to avoid your eyes all together! Rinse off your cleanser before toning. 

The second step after cleansing is applying a toner, you’ll want to do this straight after cleansing for maximum efficacy. Avoid toners with alcohol that can irritate the skin causing dryness or blemishes, but by no means miss this step out! Apply toner to a cotton pad and sweep it over your skin, steering clear of your eye area. Leave it to absorb before proceeding with your next product.


The fragile skin beneath your eyes requires that you apply your eye cream gently. Dab your cream onto your orbital bones – the skin between your cheekbone and under-eye area - and gently tap the product into your skin with your ring finger. Whatever you do, don’t pull or rub this area, as this will only damage your skin. Steer clear of your lash line area, as you don’t want to irritate your eyes. If you have a roller ball product, then roll it across your under eye area in an inward movement, starting at your outer cheekbone and rolling to the base of your nose. 

"A great tip is to leave your eye cream in the fridge overnight for an extra cooling affect when you apply it in the mornings!"

Apply a pea-sized amount of serum to your fingertips and press in to your face to boost circulation and set the product. When you apply serum to your neck, glide it onto your skin in an upward motion – you don’t want to drag your skin down. Because of serum’s watery consistency apply it after cleansing and toning, but before moisturiser. Allow your serum 10 seconds or so to set, before applying SPF or your night cream. 

Make sure you apply your day and night cream evenly, to your face and neck. Refrain from tugging your skin downward. Instead, press the product into your skin via even, upward strokes. Indulge in a daily facial massage, using small circular motions starting at your chin and working along your jawline, up the sides of your mouth to your ear, and from the sides of your nose out to your hairline. Avoid your eye area, leaving your specialised eye cream to target this easily damaged skin.  

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