Beauty Prep for Winter

Beauty Prep for Winter

Issues to come: Dry hands and feet

How to prep for it: The sooner you get into a habit of moisturising your hands and feet daily, the better. One way to ease into it, is to start by applying a lotion before going to bed each night. Having a set time makes it easier to remember.

Then, as temperatures drop, switch your lotion to a heavier cream. You can also use cotton socks and gloves, on top of the product, to help the skin absorb it better. Once it’s winter you should moisturise your hands after every wash and scrub your feet every week to keep them soft.

Issues to come: Dry skin and chapped lips

How to prep for it: Let’s face it – summer is rough on your skin. Sunshine, sweat and the occasional swim has most likely left it somewhat dull. To prevent winter dryness, it’s good to make your skin susceptible to whatever moisture you will supply it later. That’s why it’s a good idea to start exfoliating at least once a week. Afterwards you want to use a product that’s deeply nourishing to your skin. We recommend NovAge Nutri6 Face Oil Capsules. They contain six precious natural oils that leave your skin smooth and radiant. Also, add a richer day cream to your skin care arsenal for those cold winter days.

Your lips will also need some extra love in the upcoming months. As soon as you feel them drying out or chapping get that lip balm out. Since the skin on your lips doesn’t have a natural protection against dryness, they will require an external defence. So lip balm away!

Issues to come: Makeup that runs or gets smeared

How to prep for it: Gradually you will start to wear more and more layers of outerwear. We’re talking collard coats, scarves and gloves – you name it! And even though they help to protect your skin from windburn and freezing temperatures (which is amazing), they can also ruin your makeup. So how do you prepare for this?

First, we suggest you invest in a translucent powder. It will set your look and prevent severe smudging. Then you might want to change your mascara into a waterproof one. This will prevent your mascara from running when cold winds hit your eyes.

Issues to come: Static and flat hair

How to prep for it: We’re all faced with a hair dilemma in winter - wear a hat and get super flat hair, or go without and let the cold make your hair static. Neither is a hot look. So, to prepare for these two inevitable outcomes, you can invest in a few great products.

If you’re going down the hat route - for fashion or warmth - you really should think volume. Start by adding a volumising mousse before drying your hair after you shower. You can also spray your roots with hairspray to gain extra volume that lasts.

If you’re not really a hat lover, then you need to counter static electricity. Prepping for this includes using a conditioner when you shower, and to leave your hair a little damp. This is the opposite from preventing hat hair, where your hair needs to be 100 % dry. You can also switch your regular comb or brush for a metal one. This will reduce the static.

Words by: Photographs by: Getty Images, Kristine Wreyford