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We tend to reserve the terms “uneven”, “pigmentation” and “dry” for our faces, but these concerns extend to our bodies too. Here’s how to give your skin some extra love– from head to toe.

Swedish spa beauty wonder oil

You should treat the skin on your body, much like you treat the skin on your face - kindly. This means, exfoliating regularly, moisturising and always wearing SPF. If you have dry skin, avoid very hot showers, as this will dry you out further. And rather than rubbing your skin, pat dry with a towel instead. Trade in lotions for an enriching moisturising lotion or a body oil. Oil is best applied to damp skin as this allows for quicker penetration. 
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CELLULITEPerfect body anti cellulite attack
There is no cure for cellulite – we’re sorry. There are however, products that lessen the dimples in your skin. Creams that contain caffeine dehydrate fat cells, giving your skin a tighter appearance. Or, try using a natural fibre brush to “dry brush” cellulite. This stimulates lymphatic drainage and boosts circulation – great for improving your skin’s overall appearance.
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Ninety per cent of women will get stretch marks. The good news is, they are treatable. Stretch marks are caused by the overstretching of the skin during rapid changes in weight. Although laser treatments are available, creams that contain retinoids can help fade discolouration. Alternatively, aloe vera is a great natural way of reducing the appearance of scarring.
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Sometimes it seems that we save all the good ingredients for our faces and totally forget about our bodies. To target uneven skin tone, look for a body cream that is rich in Vitamin C, antioxidants or yeast extract. Always look for the least abrasive and most moisturizing body scrub and exfoliate several times a week. And – of course – always use a sunscreen.
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Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame