Take the Test - Discover Your Signature Party Perfume!

You’ve chosen your outfit, perfected your makeup routine and fixed your hair, which leaves one final thing to plan – your perfume. But which scent should you wear for your big night? Take the quiz to find out.

1. Your party makeup is… 

a) All natural. Great skin and some mascara and you’re good to go.
b) On-trend. You’ve got this season’s graphic eye nailed.
c) Classic. An iconic red lip is forever elegant.
d) Eye-catching. Neon lips and anything that glitters.

2. Your ideal evening shoe:

a) Lace-up brogues in tan-leather – comfortably chic.
b) Thigh-high lace-up boots straight off the catwalk.
c) A sophisticated stiletto heel.
d) The latest trainers in hot pink!

3. Party music should be: 

a) Atmospheric. You want to be able to talk over it.
b) Played loudly! You prefer DJ’s to bands.
c) Live. A string quartet or brass band will set the mood.
d) Anything goes as long as you can dance to it.

4. Your nails are:

a) Well-manicured: cut short, buffed and coffee-coloured.
b) An art form, you’ve created swirls and patterns on each one.
c) Immaculate. You get a manicure once week, but never stray from red.
d) Chipped – you’ve been too busy having fun to touch them up!

5. Your perfume…

a) Is light and refreshing, you’ve been wearing it for years.
b) Is new – you heard Beyoncé wears it.
c) Exclusive. It includes a unique note that you can’t find anywhere else.
d) Fits into your handbag so you can reapply when on the move.

You are...

Mostly A’s:

Nothing beats the smell of freshly washed towels. Your ideal evening is spent with close family and friends, catching up over dinner in an intimate setting. You’ll be asleep before midnight so you can head to your yoga class in the morning. Your scent is uncomplicated yet feminine, it’s My Naked Truth

Mostly B’s

You love – and we mean LOVE – fashion. Your party season calendar is jam-packed with events, and you’ll probably be attending several different ones every night. You’ve got a perfume for every occasion, but for a big night out it’s got to be VIP

Mostly C’s:

Your wardrobe is comprised of iconic pieces: tailored jackets, designer handbags and sleek heels – not too high, not too low. A party isn’t a party without champagne; so for invitation season and on, look no further than Giordani Gold Essenza.

Mostly D’s:

You are joie de vivre personified. You have an eye shadow for every colour of the rainbow and have more friends than you can count. The truth is, people are just drawn to your energy. You’ll be found on the dance floor until the lights come up. You smell sweet and fruity like Happydisiac.

Words by: Photographs by: Fotolia