Great Hair, Whatever the Weather!

Just when you think you’ve got your hair all figured out, the weather changes and it becomes a mystery again! Heat, humidity, rain and wind can - but shouldn't have to - ruin your hair. Here's how to keep your mane intact, whatever the weather!

Climate: Cold Weather
Hair challenge: Dry, brittle and dull hair
Solution: Just like our skin, our hair suffers when the temperatures plummet. To combat dryness that leads to flyaways and brittle ends, try a moisture-rich hair mask that will nourish the cuticle of your hair. To increase your hair’s moisture levels, try adding an oil – like Argan oil – to your hair care routine, as this will lock-in moisture when it’s cold out. And, to combat dryness caused by central heating, invest in a humidifier that will restore moisture to the air, and your skin and hair too.

Climate: Humid and Rainy
Hair challenge:  Frizzy and lifeless hair
Solution: Humid weather spells a nightmare for those of us prone to frizz. Don’t over-dry your hair with shampoos, hot water and straighteners; instead add more moisture to your styling routine. Dry oils will absorb into the hair rather than sitting on top of it, combatting flatness. Try raking a hair serum or a smoothing product through your hair to seal in shine and tame frizziness. But when the humidity hikes up, steer clear of stiff, sticky products like gels, mousses and hair spray, as these will only weigh your hair down.


Climate condition: Hot and Sunny days
Hair challenge: Dry hair and fading colour
Solution: Straightening and blow-drying your hair damages the hair cuticle, causing breakage and dulling colour – it also makes hair more prone to UV damage, so put the hot tools away when it heats up outdoors. You’ll also want to restore your hair’s natural oils, so add moisture with a nourishing mask and use hydrating oils. A heat protecting product is an effective antidote to the sun’s harmful rays. And if you’re heading to the pool be sure to rinse away chlorine straight after swimming, then protect with a sunhat if you’re planning to sit outside.


Climate condition: Strong Winds
Hair challenge: Unruly hair
Solution: You know the feeling: you leave the house, and before you know it your hair’s stuck in your lip gloss and you look dishevelled! On blustery days, why not windproof your hair with a sleek updo?  Tease your hair to add volume and then sweep it back securing with a hair spray and grips for added security. For curly haired girls, use a keratin-formulated mousse to control frizziness before pulling it back.

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Words by: Photographs by: Getty images