How to Buy Makeup Online

Online shopping for makeup is gaining popularity. But how do you do it if you’ve never brought an item before? Here’s the inside scoop!

When shopping products for a flawless base (foundation, concealer etc.) it’s great to know your skin’s undertone. The undertone is the warm, cool or neutral tone that’s visible through the skin’s surface colour. This tone is constant, even though the overtone (the visible colour of your skin) changes if you tan or have a skin condition like acne.

So how do you know what your undertone is? The most commonly used trick is to check the veins of your underarm. If your veins look blue or purple your undertone is cool and you should look for words like pink, red, bronze. But if they’re greenish you have a warm undertone and should look for words like yellow, golden, peach, honey etc. People with a neutral tone has a mix of the two and can wear almost any shade.

Your undertone can also affect which other colours that suit you best. Cool undertones look great with jewel toned makeup, whereas earth tones are better suited for people with warm undertones.

The next thing to consider, when shopping makeup online, is your skin type. It impacts, not only what type of product you should buy, but also what qualities you should look for. For instance; a BB cream is good for acne prone skin, but a foundation will give you better coverage. And hydrating products are good for dry skin, whereas naturally oily skin needs something mattifying. So make sure you study your skin to know what result you want.

Online product descriptions are great! They give you lots of information about products’ texture, qualities and coverage. So, take the time to read them and learn new terminology if necessary. Also, learn what differentiates products, within a category, from each other. For instance: what’s the difference between a gloss and a stain or between a blush and a bronzer. The more you know, the better purchases you’ll make online.

You might not have the luxury of trying out products in person when shopping online. But fear not! In this digital day and age, you’re sure to find someone who has. If you want to see products in action, we recommend Instagram and Youtube. Here you can find other beauty lovers’ reviews, recommendations and tutorials. Not only are you able to see what the products look like on a skin tone similar to yours, but you can also learn a trick or two. Try searching for the product name in hashtags or directly in a search engine.

Still feel like you want to see the product on yourself before buying? Well, we have a solution for that too! Just download our amazing MakeupWizard app, which allows you to virtually test our products and finished looks. You can even snap photos of yourself and ask your friends and family to weigh in on your decision. It’s super helpful, and so much fun!

And if all else fails - ask the experts! Our super-talented consultants have the inside scoop on all our products and are able to offer you personal advice based on your needs. If you’re not already in touch with a consultant, click here to reach the contact form. Just add your info, and a local consultant will contact you ASAP.

Words by: Photographs by: Sophia Marinho De Lemos