How to have a Glow-up in 5 easy steps, so you shine like a star!

Flick through a beauty magazine or a quick scroll on Instagram and you’ll most likely read about having a glow-up. But what is this latest beauty trend? Pioneered by Gen-Z, having a glow-up is all about becoming the best version of yourself so you GLOW – which is something we can all get on board with! So, if you want to shine like a star, take our glow-up challenge for your own empowering and shining transformation.

Make your skin glow!
There’s no denying that your skin is one of the first things people notice, which is why having a radiant complexion is the ultimate confidence boost. Skin prep is essential if you want your skin to glow, and adding a serum to your skin care routine can be the secret elixir your skin needs. Serums are supercharged formulas that deliver a concentrated dose of active ingredients to the skin – and the skin benefits are highly effective. To shine like a star, choose a serum that targets hydration for an instant glow, or one that boosts collagen production to reveal more luminous skin and reduced wrinkles over time. For extra radiance, give yourself a quick face massage while applying your serum – there’s nothing quite like a facial massage to get the blood circulating and make your skin glow. And it helps to define your cheekbones, so it’s a win-win!

Don’t skip the H20
Let’s be real. Beauty all starts from the inside – and in reality, your skin reflects your overall health. For long-term healthy, radiant skin, hydration is key. From both skin care and water intake. So, to glow-up from the inside, make sure you’re drinking at least 2 litres of water every day.

Master highlighter application like a Gen-Z
For instant luminosity, it’s time to master highlighter application like a Gen-Z. Cream textures work best if you want it to look natural – apply to the tops of cheekbones (and anywhere the light hits), using the warmth from your fingertips to blend the edges for that lit-from-within feel. And if you lust after pearlescent cheekbones but have dry skin, opt for a liquid highlighter instead. Mix a small amount with your liquid foundation before applying to moisturised skin, and be ready to radiate! If you’re going full-glam, don’t forget to add shine to your body also with a luxe body cream (and yes, you can mix in a few drops of liquid highlighter here too, especially across your collarbones!) and a slick of shine on your lips.

Leave an unforgettable scent impression
Every star has their secret – and a captivating perfume can leave an unforgettable scent impression that makes your aura glow! To emanate a radiance with every step, choose a scent that has undeniable star quality. Divine Exclusive Eau de Parfum is crafted with the exclusive Shining Star Accord (hello, bright florals and woody patchouli!) and Long Sillage Performance – a fragrance technology that is tested to leave an unforgettable scent trail over 5 meters long! This ultimate, lingering impact is destined to make a head-turning entrance, so you shine in the spotlight. The sophisticated scent has the most glam bottle design too, embellished with sparkling Swarovski® crystals; You’ll really feel like a star every time you reach for the bottle.

Give your friends a call
A glow-up is all about confidence, really. And who’s best to make you feel great than surrounding yourself with great friends – friends who encourage you to live a healthy lifestyle, support you in every moment and make you belly laugh, always! When you feel happy, you truly GLOW. Your charismatic energy can’t help but shine when everything is illuminated to you. So, phone your friends for doses of happy chats, exercise, eat and sleep well, and smile with your teeth! If you master that, consider your glow-up challenge complete.

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