How to Pick a Perfume for Date Night

Got a hot date coming up? In need of some perfume tips for the occasion? Then this is the article for you! Here we've listed what fragrances are suitable for each stage of your relationship. Enjoy!

Calm first date nerves with the scent of Jasmine, which is well-known to sooth stress and anxiety. Found at the heart of many elegant fragrances, Jasmine has a fresh, floral scent that exudes luxury without overpowering. And in case the date’s going well, Jasmine is also known to stimulate desire.

Try: Eclat Femme

In most new relationships, there’s an “are we, aren’t we” stage. A time when you’re exclusive, but not quite official. For this lustful but ambiguous period, you’ll want a fragrance that radiates confidence. My Destiny smells irresistibly feminine, while the unique Tourmaline ingredient energises and boosts self-confidence – he’d be crazy to let you get away!

We love: My Destiny

Pair the feeling of being madly in love with a seductive gourmand scent. The delicious white chocolate and strawberry notes of Love Potion Secrets are sensual and sweet – perfect for romancing.

Spritz: Love Potions Secrets

Have you heard that couples start to look similar over time? This is due to the fact that long-term partners tend to mimic one another’s styles, mannerisms and facial expressions as they grow closer. Celebrate your similarities with complementary fragrances from Giordani Gold.

For you both: Giordani Gold Original and Giordani Gold Man

The rose is a symbol of everlasting love. And so, what better way to commemorate your anniversary then with a Volare perfume that has the rose at its heart?

Wear: Volare Eau de Parfum

Words by: Photographs by: Anna Mårtensson