How To Rock Bold Lipstick

How To Rock Bold Lipstick

Colour is optimistic. It’s cheerful. It turns heads and starts conversations. But if you’re used to wearing discreet lipstick – or none at all, colour can also be scary. This summer, step away from your fears of smudging and stains, and try out a broader spectrum of lip colour – here’s how.

... You apply, you need to remove dry skin and moisturise. Gently exfoliate your lips
with a toothbrush, using circular motions to remove flaky bits. Apply a nourishing lip
balm and allow it to absorb before reaching for your lipstick. 

… You want your lipstick to really pop, dab a concealer on the edges of your lips. This will
neutralise their natural colour, giving you a blank canvas for your bright shade of choice!

… The right colour for your skin tone. If you have cool-coloured skin, then you’ll
look great in lipstick with blue undertones. Try out pops of pink (we love Flamingo
Fuchsia, deep reds and plum tones. If you have warm-coloured skin you’ll suit
corals, tangerine hues and fiery reds- why not try Orange Pop or Sunset Red?

"A bold lipstick is one of the easiest ways to add
instant drama and style to any look."

Oriflame Global Beauty Artistic Director

... Apply lipstick with a brush. Start at the Cupid’s bow and trace a straight line to
the outer corner of your lips. Fill with a generous amount of lipstick, blotting in
between layers with a tissue. 

... Embarrassing marks on your teeth and position your freshly painted lips
around your index finger. Pull your finger out slowly to remove excess lip colour.

... With powder. Dust a light layer over your lipstick to set it. Now your super-
bright shade is guaranteed to last the night!

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