3 ways to support your friends from a (social) distance

Distance has changed its meaning lately: despite being more connected than ever, we can’t always get the face-to-face contact we want, and we know friendships are essential for our wellbeing. Here are 3 easy tips on how to support your friends through tough times.

The Stockholm woman understands the value of supporting her friends. She’s fiercely loyal and knows there is power in lifting each other up. But while the recent climate has put a damper on physical contact, there are ways you can keep your friendships strong even without those precious hugs. A simple check-in message, dreaming together of future plans, or encouraging one another to try new things are just a few of our tips.

1. Check in with your friends
A face-to-face hang out or a hug might not be always possible but a message, a call or even a handwritten note can give a real boost. Share a memory, ask their opinion on a new make-up look you are trying out, or simply see how they are doing. A little goes a long way when it comes to your friends, you have so much shared history already.

2. Make plans for the future
Having something to look forward to together will only strengthen your bond. It may be some time before big gatherings or travel are options, but you can always dream. Which exotic destination have you always wanted to visit together? Why not send some pictures or recipes connected to the destination so you can start enjoying the trip together, long before you set foot on a plane.

3. Try out a new make-up look together
If you feel a little tired of the status quo, why not try something new with your friend? Maybe it was your friend that helped you to find your go-to mascara in the first place, so ask her advice on finding a new shade of eyeshadow, or better still, try out a whole look together. Our step-by-step guide to the Wonder Lash Mascara Look could be a great start.

So don’t let distance come between you and your friends, try any of these suggestions so you too can be supportive and lift each other up.