How To: the Chignon

The chignon is an elegant low but volumous bun inspired by Bridgitte Bardot. Let us show you how to easily achieve look with some simple steps.

Before you start, blow dry your hair and make sure its straight without any locks. It’s easier to work with straight hair for this style.



Start teasing your hair to create volume, start from the roots and work your way through your whole hair. Spray some dry schampoo as you go to get the right texture.







2 Shape the teased hair at the top of your head using hair pins, you want it to be quite high and round for the right look. Leave som hair on the sides (Extra tip: Use a hair pin to shape and comb the hair slightly and take away the worst ruffle if needed!)







Now take the hair on the sides and attach the hair to the middle of the back of your head where you have already started to attach the top hair.






Now collect all of the rest of your hair and twist turn it carefully.








5 Lastly take your twisted hair and roll it to the lower back of your head, then secure it with a few bobby pins. Don’t worry about being neat, its’ all about messy!


There you have it! The elegantly messy chignon, perfect for any occasion.

Words by: Photographs by: Kristine Wreyford