Jonas Wramell’s Secrets to Faking Flawless Skin

The one beauty trend that never goes out of style is flawless skin. But if you’re not blessed with a naturally perfect base we’ve got some simple tips on how to fake it – courtesy of the Expert, Oriflame Global Beauty Artistic Director Jonas Wramell.


"Choose a foundation colour that matches the skin tone of the blemished area exactly. Take a small foundation brush and apply it in small circular motions to push the pigment on and into the skin. This has the added benefit of boosting circulation to the area. “

"Once the foundation has set I apply a concealer. For blemishes, I like to use a liquid concealer, dabbing it onto the blemish and leaving it to dry for around 20 seconds. I then use my finger or a concealer brush to tap the colour, blending it in and maximising coverage. If need be, I will repeat this process several times, layering on concealer until the blemish is covered completely.

"Brightening dull skin with makeup is all about highlighting. Apply your highlighter in a V-shape that starts above your brow bone and finishes at your cheekbone – liquid or powder-based products both work well. For all over luminosity, look for skin care products that contain Vitamin C as these will boost allover circulation."

”Brightening dull skin with makeup is all about highlighting."


"The skin around your eye area is incredibly delicate, so use a light, cream-based concealer that won’t stick in fine lines. You want to avoid heavy or powder-based products here altogether."

"If your dark circles are caused by tight skin, boost circulation by gently tapping under your eyes – this will whip away any excess fluid and minimise darkness. But, if your dark circles are a result of loose skin or puffiness, apply a cooling eye cream to reduce swelling before patting on concealer."

Words by: Photographs by: Getty images