The simple skin care routine you need for blemish-prone skin

The days of 10-step skin care routines are far gone. Now, we’re into simpler routines, and this one for blemish-prone skin will help get your skin looking fab without breaking the bank. Stop blemishes and blackheads in their tracks with this simple routine!

Start a daily skin care routine for blemish-prone skin
If you have blemish-prone skin, the best way to keep blemishes away is to be diligent about using a daily skin care routine that controls oil and is designed to target and prevent blemishes. Prevention is always better than cure! Stopping blemishes starts with oil control, because oiliness is the first step to developing full-blown blemishes.

Skin care is self-care!
Having a daily skin care routine shouldn’t just be about getting rid of blemishes, even though that’s the end goal. It’s a moment during the day that you have just for yourself, so make it into a real self-care moment. Skin care should feel good! And having blemishes can really put a dent in one’s confidence. We like to make our morning routine into a mindfulness moment where we breathe deeply and say a few positive affirmations to ourselves (it may sound cheesy, but it definitely starts our day right!).

• Step 1: Cleanse
Start by washing your skin with a cleanser for oily skin and blemishes, we suggest Pure Skin Deep Cleanse Face Wash. As mentioned earlier, oil control is key for preventing and fighting blemishes. This cleanser instantly reduces excess shine and deep cleanses the skin with Salicylic Acid to fight oil, dirt and dead skin cells that may get stuck in your pores and cause a blemish.

• Step 2: Tone
Toner is my favourite step! I love seeing the residue on the cotton pad, because it means I just got rid of even more gunk. Anyone else? Apply Pure Skin Clarifying Toning Solution to a cotton pad, then sweep it over your face focusing on the T-zone. This one is a real gem because it doesn’t just dissolve the gunk in your pores, it actually reduces the redness of blemish marks and makes your pores look smaller. It contains Salicylic Acid too, and a great Soothing Complex of Basil, Green Tea and Panthenol that helps condition and soothe the skin.

• Step 3: Moisturise
When we think moisturiser for oily skin, we want a light, oil-free moisturiser that just makes your skin feel fresh and hydrated like after a day in the spa. A moisturiser that is too rich for your skin type can clog pores and lead to blemishes. So, after toning, apply Pure Skin Mattifying & Cooling Face Lotion and massage it into the skin (remember – it’s self-care!).

What we love about this lotion is the cooling sensation! You know how uncomfortable the skin can feel when you have blemishes? This lotion feels amazing on the skin and provides a well-needed cooling sensation. But don’t worry, it works great if you don’t have blemishes too, because it also prevents blemishes, reduces shine and keeps your skin smooth.

Products that fight blemishes with care
This simple routine should do the trick! Our Pure Skin products are designed to effectively prevent blemishes, purify the skin and fade blemish marks while also being be kind to the skin. Because skin care is self-care and it should feel good and make your skin better. As simple as that!

Now if you’re into more steps than three or just finding yourself in need of some damage control, the updated Pure Skin range also has some fantastic masks, a scrub and a spot gel to complement your daily routine.