The One Product You Need to Achieve the Perfect At-Home Facial

Even though many of us are stuck at home, we still want to have amazing skin the few times when we actually do meet people. When getting a facial isn’t an option, what’s a skin care addict to do? Enter facial cleansing brushes!


Facial cleansing brushes are nothing new, but they’ve risen in popularity during Covid now that maskne is rampant and trips to the facialist are nothing but a distant memory. But what are they, and can they really replace trips to the beauty salon? Let’s find out!

What are facial cleansing brushes?
Facial cleansing brushes are a real game-changer when it comes to cleansing. While manual cleansing is an essential and effective step in your skin care routine, it just can’t compare with the wonders of technology. You know how sometimes after cleansing you’ve still got foundation or dirt in your pores(which can cause clogged pores, by the way)? That won’t happen with a facial cleansing brush. The fine bristles remove make-up, dirt, sebum and pollution particles that you just can’t get at with your fingertips.

What kinds of facial cleansing brushes are there?
Facial cleansing brushes come as electronic devices or manual brushes with nylon or silicone bristles. Some are designed solely for cleansing, while others, like our SkinPro Sonic, have a range of different settings and brush heads that help purify, exfoliate and massage the skin to help boost microcirculation and give you the full at-home facial experience.


How to do an at-home facial with the SkinPro Sonic
While nothing can replace the expert touch of your favourite aesthetician, the SkinPro Sonic is an excellent at-home alternative. It is clinically proven to be more effective than manual cleansing and provide smoother, more supple skin in just 4 weeks. So, slip into your favourite robe, tie your hair up and let’s get the home-spa party started!

1. Start by manually removing your make-up with make-up remover.
2. Attach the purifying brush head and moisten the bristles.
3. Apply cleanser to the brush, switch on the device and select your programme of choice. It may be nice to start with the 60-second programme that times cleansing and exfoliation - 20 seconds for your forehead, 20 seconds in total for your nose, upper lip and chin and 10 seconds for each cheek.
4. Gently press the brush against your skin and move it in circular motions around your face to get rid of dirt, old make-up and sebum. Avoid the eye area.
5. Once the programme is finished, rinse your face and switch to the exfoliating brush head and repeat above steps.
6. What’s a facial without facial massage? To give your skin an extra treat, finish off with the massage head. First, apply your eye cream, serum and moisturiser and allow them to sink in, then apply the metal massage head to your device, and move the device in circular motions on your face, jawline, neck and decolletage.

Tips for using facial cleansing brushes
• Ease into your new routine, your skin may need a little time to adjust to cleansing with a device.
• Some brushes remove make-up and some don’t, so always read the instructions that come with the device.
• As a general rule, stay away from the delicate eye area.
• Change brush heads or clean your brush after every use to keep your brush fresh and to avoid bacteria growth.

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