Step by Step: How to Shape Your Eye Brows

Ever wondered how to achieve your ideal eye brow shape? Follow our easy step by step guide to find out how!

1 Shape

Start by checking and measuring the shape of your eyebrows to make sure you get the ideal shape. This image will show you how to measure for the right shape. Once you see what areas need improvements you can pluck and brush your brows if needed.



2 Fill

Now fill in the gaps between the hairs starting with the arch. This is to create a shape and to see how much needs to be filled in, you don’t want to overdo it with the colour so be careful and take a step back to look at your brows in between filling them in so that you gradually achieve the right colour and shape.




3 Eyebrow gel

Finally finish off with a clear eye brow gel which fixates the brow shape and makes the brown powder shade stay longer. There you have it, perfectly shaped eye brows, ready to last a whole day.

Words by: Photographs by: Craig Teunissen