The Three Features Of SkinPro Sonic

The SkinPro Sonic device has 3 features that will all help your skin look more radiant and wrinkle free in their own unique ways. Let’s look at all 3 modes and how to use the device for best results!

Use a sonic cleansing device instead of cleansing by hand every day and see the difference it makes! You can usually use your normal foaming or cream cleanser - but definitely not a cleanser that contains exfoliating particles. Check out the specific directions for use that come with your product.

Use a sonic exfoliator after cleansing - once or twice a week depending on the device. Just like sonic cleansing, you can usually use your normal foaming or cream cleanser as long as it doesn't contain exfoliating particles. Check out your product manual for detailed instructions.

You can use a sonic device to massage your serum or moisturisers into your skin every day, or anytime you feel like a little facial de-stress - we think this is a step that's worth making time for!

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame