Tools for success: 3 smart reasons to incorporate skin care tools into your routine

Gone are the days where treating your skin to a fancy facial happened only once a year. Today’s at-home skin care routines have evolved, and the methods for spa-level pampering are more accessible than ever before. But where to start? Read on to find out more about why you might want to add skin care tools to your routine!

1. Don’t let your creams and serums go to waste!
Your cherished skin care products (which can often be quite pricey) are a terrible thing to waste. Enter skin care tools. These handy bathroom companions ensure that you don’t miss out on a single drop of your prized serums, while also giving you a more uniform application. Using a spatula ensures that you scoop up just the right amount of face cream, while a face brush gives you an even application of your moisturising cream, so you never miss a spot. Goodbye dry winter patches!

2. Get the most out of your routine
As with anything in life, the right tools are essential to success – the same thing goes for your skin care routine. Your routine should leave you looking and feeling on top of the world, and if it doesn’t – well, may we venture a guess that you haven’t given skin care tools a go yet? The SkinPro Skin Care Tools series lets you experience the art of applying your skin care products like an expert. In the past, you might have considered your skin care routine as just another thing to be checked off your to-do list – but with the right tools, you’ve got the power to transform your routine into a luxurious experience that’s all about pampering your skin the way it deserves to be pampered (without the pricey spa visit).

3. The perfect way to treat yourself
Few things feel as good as coming home after a long week of obligations, knowing that the only thing in your calendar involves treating yourself to an evening of uninterrupted “me-time”. And what better way to kick off date-night (with yourself) than with a luxurious facial that’s on par with that fancy spa treatment? Adding the right skin care tools to your routine ensures that you get the most out of your pampering session. Indulge in the refreshingly cooling feeling of applying your eye product with an eye roller, as it works it’s magic on your tired eyes. Sweep your worries away as you expertly apply your most comforting face mask with a spatula instead of slapping it on with your fingers. Or allow yourself to be transported to faraway destinations as you lounge on the sofa sporting a silicone face mask drenched in a deliciously nourishing moisture bomb. Go ahead and indulge, you deserve it.

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