How To Do Your Make-Up For Zoom

Life has changed a lot lately, with so much moving online. Make-up routines have switched from being about showing the world your new look, to being more about indulging in sensorial products and addressing the challenges of a day of back-to-back online meetings. It’s still a great opportunity to make some time just for you.

Focus on the area of make-up you like most, if base is your thing, then spend your time on it, if brows are your big love, put the time in there instead. We all have our special thing, so go with it and make sure you give yours the effort it deserves.


Boost The Base
No need to go all out on a fully contoured look for an online meeting, but it’s great to unite the tone across your face and highlight some areas with blush. Start with a light foundation (Giordani Gold Divine Touch Cushion Foundation is perfect for a little early morning luxury). Conceal where needed (Use Giordani Gold Master Creation Concealer) and blend. Finish with a sweep of Giordani Pressed Powder to counteract the dreaded screen glow.

Blush is such a life saver in the grey tones of online meeting screen. A boost of colour livens everything up and gives you a healthy glow that will translate with even the grainiest of video calls. Try Giordani Gold Bronzing Pearls in your favourite shade swirled on with a big soft brush like Giordani Gold Kabuki Brush for some extra luxury.

Pro Tip: Go wide. Exaggerate the apples of your cheeks for bigger glow.


Simple Eyes And Brows
Keep it simple. A little highlight of colour over the upper lashline. Select your shade from THE ONE Make-up Pro Wet & Dry Eye Shadow (if you are feeling bold, go bright). Remember that if you do leave the house today this is the part that people will see.

Pro Tip: If you are feeling tired, add a light shade of eyeshadow down the middle of your eye to highlight.
Fill your brows with THE ONE Browcara. Finish with a great mascara like THE ONE Wonder Lash

Lipstick To Match Your Mood
Nude shades are perfect when it comes to lipstick for zoom calls. We love Giordani Gold Iconic Lipstick, but you know which shade works for you. Go for a smudged edge with a nude shade, or if it’s time for a zoom dance party with your bestie, why not rock a full-on scarlet pout, lip liner and all.

Pro tip:Use a lip scrub first to remove dead skin and invigorate your lips.


Take A Chance With Your Manicure
Your hands will be seen on screen and we have one tip here: go bright! Nobody is going to see your perfect French Manicure, so choose your boldest shade (or better still, pick one you‘ve never tried before). You don’t need to worry about perfection here either, small mistakes like a chipped nail – normally the bane of a fresh manicure! - won’t be visible on camera.

So there you go, several steps to keep the make-up lover in you happy for a day of talking to your computer screen.