4 Reasons Why You Will Love the New Beautanicals Range

While new beauty brands are launched every day, few are as on-trend and relevant to today’s needs as Beautanicals. Here are four reasons why.

Transparency is the new trend
With so many product recalls and questionable claims flying about, we have all become super-sceptical about what we put on, and inside, our bodies. And rightly so. As a consequence, you spend a lot of time investigating what really goes into your products, and are making smarter and more aware choices. So, the more authentic, transparent and ”clean” a brand is, the better it is for everyone.

The increasing rise of natural ingredients
Products with natural, botanical or herbal ingredients has been popular trend for some years – being perceived as purer and safer. But now they are even more popular as we have learnt how they are just as performing – if not more – than products without naturals.

Responsible beauty
We have all become very aware of our carbon footprint and impact on the environment. Being seen as “green” has become a huge trend, and for many of us, it’s a way of life. Buying sustainable product makes you feel better, so you look for recycled materials in the packaging, biodegradable formulas and even want to be sure that all the ingredients are ethically sourced. That’s why any product registered with the Vegan Society is often top of your wish list.

Healthy is beautiful
The trend of healthy living, and the understanding of how good health is directly connected to how we look, has exploded in recent times. That’s why you’re choosing products you use on your body the same way you choose products you put in your body. Products with natural, pure and simple ingredients that contain vitamins and minerals – and as much of them as possible.

Inspired by the pure natural resources of Scandinavia, and developed with Swedish apothecary expertise, the new Beautanicals range offers thoughtful, effective and highly natural body and hair care products in line with all those trends. No wonder we think you’ll love it!

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