Beauty Trend Alert: Softly Contoured Eyes with Lifted Lashes

Open wide! Accentuate your eyes with extreme length lashes and an ultra-radiant complexion – this is how to create it.

The latest look direct from Stockholm (hello Scandi beauty!) celebrates great looking skin paired with sky high lashes to make your eyes pop. Let your natural beauty shine through, as your eyes take centre stage.

A healthy complexion starts with a barely-there base.
It’s all in the application – you want to focus on the areas that need a little extra coverage, while keeping the rest of the skin fresh. Once you’ve moisturised your skin and applied your primer, select a lightweight, buildable coverage foundation which enlivens the complexion with natural, dewy radiance. Dot a small amount of product onto the centre of the forehead, nose, chin and cheeks. Using a foundation brush, smooth and blend outwards to create an even base. For a perfected finish, gently build coverage around the nostrils and corners of the mouth, to eradicate unwanted redness.

Next, it’s time to create a natural, Scandi flush.
Pick a bronzer with a creamy formula, to get that glow-from-within effect. Subtly sculpt the face by applying to the contours of your cheeks to define your cheekbones; your hairline and temples for a natural bronzed look; and to the jawline for added definition – soften the contouring with a densely-packed fluffy brush for a natural look. Use the same creamy bronzer to softly define your eyes, working it into the eye contour and underneath the lower lashes, before blurring the edges with your finger or a blending brush. For a healthy flush, press a creamy blush onto the apples of your cheeks, blending out with fingertips.

Now for the main act!
For sky-high lashes that accentuate your eyes, opt for a mascara that lifts, lengthens and separates. Start at the root of the lashline, and gently wiggle the brush into the base of the lashes in a zigzag motion, to create intensity. Then slowly coat lashes from root to tip, using the same motion to separate. Apply as many coats as you want, until you get that open-eye effect for next-level impact.

To finish, take away unwanted shine for a polished look.
Using a smaller fluffy brush for precision, lightly dust powder down the T-zone, around the corner of the nose and the chin – you want to look dewy (not greasy!), and a healthy complexion is all about balance.