The Latest Trend: CC Cream… For Your Hair!

By now you’ll be well versed in CC creams for your skin, but have you heard about the beauty industry’s latest must-have product: CC cream for your hair? It promises to correct, protect and enhance your hair – here’s the lowdown:

What Is Hair Cc Cream?
Much like it’s skin care counterpart, CC cream for your hair is a multitasking product promising highly effective results. Available in balm, cream or spray format it provides up to 10 beautifying benefits. The idea is that you can abandon your separate care, conditioning and styling products and just use this one – sounds pretty good right?

And What Does It Do?
It’s a non-rinse product that delivers 10 benefits with only one spritz or squirt. The same way that BB and CC skin care creams moisturise, hydrate, anti-age and block out UV rays, CC hair creams cater for all your hair care needs in a single product. You can expect an ingredients list that includes Omega fatty acids, antioxidants, a UV filter and natural oils to name a few.

A CC product should add moisture, control frizz and tame unruly flyaways, which is why those with damaged and dry hair will particularly like them. These products also add volume, detangle, nourish hair to prevent split ends, protect from heat damage and reduce breakage – and yes, that’s just the one product.

What Active Ingredient Should I Not Miss Out On?
Wellness aficionados will be well versed in the benefits of Omega-fatty acids. In addition to benefitting our bodies, Omega-3 and 6 can target our hair health too. They deeply nourish hair to restore moisture, making hair more manageable (see you later frizziness!). These nutrients penetrate the hair shaft and strengthen hair from the inside to protect and prevent split ends. So we say don’t skip on the Omega-fatty acids. We also recommend looking out for antioxidants and a UV filter in your product too. 

Why Do I Need It?
It’s simple: cut your hair care routine to a single step. Busy women (and men for that matter) can enjoy multiple benefits from a single product – we’re convinced.
Words by: Photographs by: Fotolia