How to Care for Your Hair: the Editor's Guide

Everyone’s hair is different, but the right tools and products can take you closer to stronger, healthier, and more beautiful locks. Our Editor rounds up her hair care essentials, so you never have to have a bad hair day again!

Shampoo & Conditioner
"Your shampoo should target the nature of your hair and scalp. So before picking a shampoo, identify what kind of hair you have – oily, ageing, dry – and make sure you’re picking an appropriate cleansing product. I, for example, dye my hair regularly, so always use a colour-protecting shampoo by HairX. Then, I follow with a conditioner to style my hair. This is key: a conditioner is for getting the finish you want, not for cleaning. I like to have several conditioners in my cabinet and to switch them up depending on the look I want to achieve.”

I use: HairX Colour Protect Shampoo and HairX Colour Protect Conditioner

Hair mask
"Every hair-obsessed blogger and editor I know, swear by hair masks. Best used once or twice a week, masks are packed with conditioning ingredients that work into the cuticle to repair and treat. Again, pick a product that works for your hair type – if you’re frizz-prone, look for moisturising masks – ELEO has recently launched one packed with Rose and Argan oil. I love masks derived from natural ingredients such as milk, almond oil, honey or wheat."

The star-buy: Milk and Honey 

"Every hair-obsessed blogger and editor I know, swear by hair masks." 

Heat protective treatment
"As a general rule I avoid hair dryers, curlers and straighteners – overheating your hair is without a doubt one of the most damaging things you can do to it. But if you can’t help yourself, make sure you use a heat-protecting spray to prevent the weakening of your locks.”

Your essential: HairX Heat Protect Styling Spray

Hair oil
"Serums and hair oils are game-changers. If you’ve got fine hair that gets greasy easily try raking an oil through your hair before shampooing to moisturise it. If you’ve got very dry hair then massage one through the ends post-wash to restore and strengthen.”

My all-time favourite: ELEO Protective oil

Brush or comb
"People tend to buy any old hair brush and then stick to it for years – it’s an error. Pick a hair brush or comb that works for your hair type. I have relatively straight hair so use cushioned brushes or a vent brush. Those with fine hair should use a bristle or round brush and if you have curly hair or an afro, then a wide-tooth comb is a must.

The all-rounder: Cushion Brush

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame