Made by nature

Natural, semi-precious stones are the true heroes of Norrsken. From powerful aquamarine to deep blue sodalite and tender rose quartz, each piece is expertly polished and set by hand in a delicate design that preserves its sacred traits.

The key is one of our most universal symbols, traditionally representing knowledge, power and mystery. The beautifully ornate pendant on the Unlocked Aquamarine Necklace, strung on a fine gold-toned chain, is encrusted with brilliant Cubic Zirconia crystals and crowned by four hand-polished beads of natural aquamarine – stone of truth and trust. Wear it solo with minimalist outfits for maximum impact.

The Stockholm-based design team of Norrsken has fallen in love with the wild pansy, with its stunning contrast of deep violet and bright yellow, that goes by the name Night-and-Day in some parts of Sweden. In the Pansy Sodalite necklace and earrings, gold-toned pansy petals are joined by a massive, deep blue sodalite stone, beautifully marbled by nature.

Rose quartz, the tender stone of undying love, is traditionally believed to heal wounded hearts. In the Sweet Brier Rose Quartz collection, a gently polished piece of this natural stone is the true centrepiece. Whether you go for the fine chain necklace, the darling drop earrings, or the simply stunning ring, each stone is carefully set by hand in a delicate rose-gold frame.

Every pure stone, once hidden deep within the earth, has its own story to tell. The jewellery of Norrsken celebrates the natural variations of each piece, ensuring that your stone will be yours only.